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Testing to see whether the macro Enter New Data and Event Records work

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Testing Testing for Menu 1a and 1b Testing to see whether the macro EnterNewData and EventRecords work Above is the sheet from which the macros run, below are the two sheets to which the macros take the user. 1a 1b 1c and 1f These are password protected integrated macros, the same happens for each macro if the password is incorrect (the running of macro 1e) but depending on which macro is run the user will be taken to a different sheet if the password is correct (1c runs 1d and 1f runs 1g). The two macros run from the same sheet as 1a and 1b. When run both bring up the below left screen. If an incorrect password is entered then 1e is run. 1c and 1f 1e If the correct password then 1d and 1g are run and the two screens below appear. 1d 1g Testing for Options The above sheet is the sheet from which all of the 2 macros run. ...read more.


2i This macro is found on every sheet except for the main menu, this is because it takes the user from anywhere to the main menu screen, a before and after shot will be needed Before After Testing for LookupMenu 3a Takes the user to table Starter on the sheet "LookupMenu". A before and after shot will be taken. The test proved the macro to work correctly. 3b to 3f All of 3b to 3f perform the same function as 3a, screen shots will not be taken but the results of the tests will be input on the table below. Module Before After Was Test Successful 3b User is on the LookupMenu screen User is on the LookupTables sheet and centred on the Meal table Yes 3c User is on the LookupMenu screen User is centred on the Dessert table on the LookupTables screen Yes 3d User is on the LookupMenu screen User is centred on the Wine table of the LookupTables screen Yes 3e User is on the LookupMenu screen User is taken to the Decoration table on the LookupTables ...read more.


Any tests which are failed will be noted and a reason or explanation suggested. Before Extreme Data (Low) Incorrect Data The cells B24 and F24 are not protected against text being input so the formulae that use these cells do not work, this is not a problem with the formula but a problem with the validation of the sheet. 4d Tests on the lookup functions within the sheet such as those involved in the Combo Boxes and the formulae associated with them i.e. the INDEX formulae. Two screen shots will be shown, both of the sheet at different stages of testing, a shot showing the sheet before the testing will not be needed as this exists already in other modules. Any faults found will be noted. Testing for EventRecords 5a This test is to see whether the macro PrintLine works as specified. This test could not be performed as the macro has not been written yet. On completion of the macro it will be tested as planned. Daniel Heaton AS Level ICT Project 2002 ...read more.

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