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The company that I have chosen to do my project on is a small book distribution company called Bookshop.

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1. Introduction 1.1 Background The company that I have chosen to do my project on is a small book distribution company called Bookshop. Bookshop is a small company based in South London and was set up in early 2002. They have a small workforce of 4 people. Each person therefore has a large and important role to the company. Each worker is always hard pushed to meet deadlines for schools and social centres demanding books. Because that are a small company they cannot afford to have large computer staff to look after al their accounts. They are limited to the time that they can spend on different tasks. Each day they deal with a round �1000 worth of orders, but this might vary to as much as �4500 or as little as �500. The director of the company has put in a large lump sum as a loan to start off the company, which she hopes will trunk into profits, which she will later recoup. 1.2 Statement of the problem I have conducted an interview with the director of the company and we encountered the following problems. * Because the bookshop is new, there are many things that could go wrong and caused bankruptcy. There is the fact that the company has no real image and cannot conduct rely on customers. Therefore they need to profit maximise. They need all staff working to their full potential. They need no wastes of time with things that can be done automatically. * Also with the small amount of money available to them they had o make do with old computers, which ran old computer programs that are DOS based. ...read more.


CD Rewrite Speed: 12 X (CD,CD-R) CD Write Speed: 32 X (CD,CD-R) DVD-ROM Read Speed: 16 X (CD,CD-R) Hard Drive Capacity: 80 GB Included Drives: DVD/CD-RW Combo Floppy Drive Hard Drive Number of Hard Drives Included: 1 Bus Speed: 400 MHz Installed Memory: 512 MB Max System Memory: 1.5 kB Shared Video Memory: 32 MB Number of PCI Slots: 2 Processor Class: Intel Pentium 4 Processor Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz All 5 of the PCs that I have available to me at my house are all the same. (see above) 4.2 Software The software that the user has available is Microsoft Windows 95 professional edition with Office 95 and all relevant software for the barcode scanners and for the tele-book ordering. What I have available to use is Microsoft XP professional with Office 2000 which has excel, which I'm using to create the new spreadsheet program 4.3 User's IT skills and knowledge I feel that the users ICT knowledge and skills are limited to what they can do. They are inexperienced in computer use and therefore they have not developed, because of this there will need to be a basic and informative and self-explanatory interface. I think that the interface will need to be bold and relevant to the tasks. The user manual will have basic information in using the system as well as a trouble shooting section. 1. Consideration of a possible solution There are many different packages that I could use to create an accounts program there is Sage Line100, which is widely used in large company businesses. There is also Microsoft own Excel, which is widely used, in smaller businesses. ...read more.


Printing Improved printing functionality automatically performs functions such as switching between Letter and A4 paper, autoscaling, and suppressing the printing of trailing blank pages and error values so that they don't contain "#REF". * This functionality takes place automatically. Cell Merging With the Merge and Center button on the Formatting toolbar, users can unmerge a group of cells just as easily as they can merge a group of cells. It is possible to unmerge even if the Undo option is no longer available. * Merge a group of cells together by highlighting those cells and clicking the Merge and Center button. * Click the Merge and Center button again to undo the merge. Sort Text as Numbers This feature prevents unexpected sorting results by detecting mixed lists of numbers and text and enabling sorting text as numbers. * Sort a column that has both numbers and numbers formatted as text. Limitation with the new system There will only be the basic limitations as with any new system. The staff are going to need to get use to the new system and therefore need a manual (which I will include with the new system). They will however not need advanced ICT knowledge to be able to cope with the new program. It will be self-explanatory. If they encounter any problems they can refer to the trouble shooting part of the manual, which will include basic errors that could possibly go wrong with the system. Because it is windows based, it uses a high amount of graphics and memory, which means that the program is more likely to crash than the old DOS version. I will include instructions on what to do if this happens and how to save work so hat no data is lost if this ever happens. AS PROJECT 2003/03 By Oliver Caird ...read more.

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