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The Impact of ICT & Types of Error Detection

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The Impact of ICT Launched in 2007, the iPhone garnered much praise for it's innovative design and broad range of functions; from a camera phone and portable media player to Wi-Fi Internet and Visual Voicemail. The iPhone has since been updated in the iPhone 3G which not only incorporated 3G technologies allowing faster internet access but also added GPS capabilities (Global Positioning System). The extraordinary quantity in which the iPhone has sold has played a major part in helping the sales of Smartphones overtake those of laptops. This statistic is mainly thanks to the mobile phone completing it's transition from a simple voice communications device to a multimedia computer in your pocket with the iPhone being one of the most advanced Smartphones currently on the market. While the idea of having a media player, camera and GPS in your pocket may sound appealing to the general public; Smartphones are not music to everyone's ears with the standalone camera market taking the biggest hit in sales. ...read more.


The only thing that is increasing in size is the memory of the Smartphones. The iPhone has a standard 8GB memory but many critics cite this as not enough and deem it the main reason why consumers may choose the iPod Touch over the iPhone. While it does not have the phone or camera features, it does have wireless internet and up to 32GB of memory and it is much slimmer and lighter. Another feature of Smartphones that is the subject of much debate is the security of the phones. SymbianOS phones seem to be the main targets of hackers with a variety of viruses already reported including one that deletes all the users' applications and blocks their access to the internet. However Smartphone developers promise to tackle these problems by increasing security measures on all further SymbianOS phones. Overall I believe that the future is bright for Smartphones and the iPhone in particular. ...read more.


For example, division by zero or when the computer can't locate the file it is searching for. Run time errors are detected most commonly when the program crashes but it is not always obvious as to what has caused it to crash. Logic Errors Logic errors are errors that do not cause the program to crash but not work in the way in which you were expecting it to. For example it outputs the wrong values etc. Logic errors are commonly caused by a logical error in a statement (for example, a wrong or incorrect formula), an error in an algorithm, or even the wrong algorithm selected altogether. One of the ways to find these types of errors is to output the program's variables to a file or on the screen in order to define the error's location in code. Although this will not work in all cases, for example when calling the wrong subroutine, it is the easiest way to find the problem if the program uses the incorrect results of a bad mathematical calculation. ...read more.

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