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The main areas that will be focused upon in the interview are - Security and access to data - Manufacturers - The current process of how the returns are dealt with.

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Pre-plan for the 1st Interview The main areas that will be focused upon in the interview are: * Security and access to data. * Manufacturers. * The current process of how the returns are dealt with. Security: * Has it been a problem in the past? * Any security measures that are in place now, for e.g. Is the user access restricted by password/ username login, etc? * A problem the user would like to see rectified in the new system? I need to know whether security is an issue worth tackling in the new system, and whether there are any particular sets of data are most importantly kept private. Manufacturers: * Any companies who have a noticeable trend in wrong deliveries; general mistakes. * What information regarding the manufacturers is stored, and where is it stored? I need to know of any problems caused by the manufacturers resulting in profit loss instead for the user, who has not been able to provide evidence due to the lack of organisation of the data. It is important to know how the amount of information that is stored on the manufacturers at this present time, so it would give a rough idea of the capacity required by the system. The user will be able to view outputs from selected time periods of a particular manufacturers performance. Current process of how the returns are dealt with: * Inquire the process as soon as the returns enter the shop to when the user receives a refund/ exchange for the returned goods. * Any areas of profit loss due to disorganisation of the returns. * Is the paperwork such as invoices, delivery notes received from manufacturers in an organised system? Any areas of profit loss will obviously, be the focal point of the new system, to be amended quickly. I need to ask of the manager why he thinks the returns are such a problem, whether it is due to lack of time, or the insufficient existing storage places for the returns. ...read more.


* The manager expects either a refund/ exchange, but has to be careful from a convenient 'forgetful' mistake the suppliers often make when they do have to provide KCL with a refund/ exchange. Security was also an issue which was raised during the Interview. The user did emphasise heavily on the importance that the customer details must be kept secure, and access should be limited only to the manager himself. I certainly do need to find more ways of increasing data security, particularly customer information, since the consequence of of the release of private data could lead to legal troubles. The computerised solution must therefore have a high level of security. The other area that was covered was about the manufacturers. There was, in the Interview, a strong feeling that what the suppliers response is, cannot always be given as fact. They have been known to make mistakes, or perhaps simply reluctant to refund or exchange the goods. It is therefore important for the new system to give 'real-time' information to keep track of the returns and make sure that they are returned to the manufacturer within the warranty period. A section in the new solution would be given To provide details of individual manufacturers, for e.g. How many wrong deliveries have they actually made in the past six months? If the digit is high, the company may hardly benefit from the association with the manufacturer due to the amount of hassle and grief costing to their mistakes. 2nd Interview For me to design a good user Interface, I need you to read through the summary for the previous interview that was carried out. (Summary is read) Any comments, discuss. Will you yourself be using the system for dealing with the returns? You obviously have a high standard of computer skills, but is there any sort of Interface you would prefer, such as a menu-based Interface, or perhaps one that requires the use of tick boxes? ...read more.


Since it is a computer firm, upgrading is not a problem at all, and very rarely do the requirements specified by a piece of software exceed the hardware already installed in the shop. Here is Microsoft Office's requirements ( for which Access is part of): Component Required Recommended CPU 133 MHz 500 MHz RAM 24 MB 18 MB After a mutual agreement with the analyst and myself, I confirm that the requirements specified by Microsoft Office will be able to be installed on my system to which I have no objection to. Signed ______________ Dated ___/___/___ The Current System Flow Chart The goods are delivered to the shop (no record is kept of the arrival of the goods) The delivery note, (if it has been given), is kept so company can check for later reference for returning goods. The delivery note is sometimes not checked against the items upon arrival, allows any possible mistake by manufacturers to slip through unnoticed. The new items are acknowledged to be either faulty, damaged, wrong order, or wrong quantity order. Time may pass as items accumulate in number. The returns become harder and harder to sort out as the quantity increases. The warranty time periods may edge closer and closer to the end, making it more impossible to receive a refund for the goods that need to be returned. If the returns are sent before the warranty period If returns are not sent within the warranty period An RMA form needs to be filled in, An exchange may be negotiated after requesting a copy off the manufacturers. depending on which supplier the item is returned to. A refund is out of the question. The RMA form is sent off to the manufacturers. The manufacturers now need to acknowledge the delivery by the company of the returns and the RMA form. The company may need to contact the manufacturers and inform them of the delivery, and ask for refund. The company then waits for the refund, though no record is kept of the fact that a refund is due. Manjeet Kaur Sambi 4120 ...read more.

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