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The Preston North End Fc academy director is very busy, he is responsible for the day to day running of the academy.

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Page Number Topic 1 Front Cover 2 Table of Contents 3 Identify 4 Analysis 5 Analysis continued... 6 Analysis - Questionnaire 7 Analysis - Inputs, processes and outputs 8 Analysis - Data Flow Diagram 9 Design 10 Implementation 11 Evaluation The Preston North End Fc academy director is very busy, he is responsible for the day to day running of the academy. He has many jobs including the sorting of kit, balls and the scouting and signing of new players. However, the most time consuming job that he has to do is write to all the players before the start of each season and before they return from the Christmas break. He currently does this by hand on paper, copying the data from his files (stored on paper). This is very boring and time consuming. There are at least 16 players in each age group and the age groups range from under 8-16's. This means a lot of letters and a lot of names to store. Another problem he has is that writing all these letters can cause a lot of mistakes that not only tarnish's his reputation but also the football club's. I have been approached to find a solution to the problem. I will be creating a solution that can make the letters he wants in a shorter period of time and at a higher level of accuracy than his current method. ...read more.


Which will then be sent to players informing them of the relevant information. Monitor-Essential to read and view the system - enough said! Keyboard-Essential to type in the information needed for the database storage and letters to players. Mouse-Will be very useful to my end user although it is not totally necessary, wil save time and make the system easier to operate. A: Drive - This will enable the user to transfer data from computer to computer using a floppy disk. C: Drive - Will be of use to the user in many ways. A lot of software (see below) is loaded on CD using this drive. The instillation process is mainly used through this drive as well as the running of the program. Software - My end user will be using the following software packages. Microsoft Word - This will be the program essential to the system. Norton Anti Virus 2003 - This will help protect my end users system from virus's. Questionnaire To get the best results for my end user we had a meeting about the system, this is shown below. What do you want from your system? I want a system that can produce many different, personal letters. The letters need to be quite similar but the dates and times need to be able to changed easily as well as the information about each person. What is the most important feature your system must have? ...read more.


This was one thing suggested by the user as well (see below) My user feed back is shown below, as well as having an interview before the project started I had one after the system was finished. The results of which are shown below... Are you happy with the overall project, if not why? I am very happy with all parts except the final letters, they are a little dull and boring. Are there any other features you would have liked the system to have had? No, other than the letters having a bit more colour and life in them the whole system created was excellently, thank you What are the positives from the system? Everything, especially the easy to print macro button and the easy way I could update the records by using the data capture form. What would you mark the system out of ten? Probably 9 out of 10 because the letters weren't perfect. Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Thank you Key: Blue = Me Black = End User Looking at my end users comments I think they are very helpful and I understand the users idea that the letters were a bit plain and dull. If I were to do the project again I would definitely change this part of my project, I would also change the club logo a bit to add more change and style to the letters and overall system. 1 ...read more.

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