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The Prisoner.

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THE PRISONER Bang! Bang! The person dropped to the floor like a stone, like he was top heavy the problem was he slid down the wall leaving a red mark or stripe down the middle of the wall as he fell. You may want to know why he was shot but that is too gory for me to tell to you in this story. O.K. O.K. I will tell you the story. It goes back to 1882 when the prisoner George Andrews escaped from a top secret prison in north west London (not very secret anymore huh) and Will and Data were called to recapture him. He escaped on 2nd April 1992 under mysterious circumstances and they were hot on the trail they had followed him to the East End of London. It was 10:30 in the morning and Will and Data were in their hotel room when they heard a shot in the street and so they rushed down the stairs. Then he came out into the street and there was a large crowd forming so will walked up to the crowd and saw a man on the floor so he walked up to him. He hesitated then he bent down and put his fingers on his neck and said data this is George Andrews and he's dead. ...read more.


We went barking up the wrong tree" he laughed "But he's dead" I exclaimed "No it was his brother who was shot" he answered. Then he pulled out an old newspaper cutting, which had the Andrews brothers in it, and they looked like two peas in a pod exactly identical. Then Will said "That's where I made the mistake and his brothers almost probably still alive and it was probably a fake death. So that he could rush off and out of the spotlight and I figured it out because of the bullet in the cigarette tin. I suppose that if I looked at the area where he was we would find another bullet in the wall. Why don't we go and see if my theory is correct? Come on then we are going to look at that wall. When we got there there was only a small crowd looking at the crime scene but not many people so Will bent down and walked under the crime scene banner. Then he began to examine the wall for the bullet. Then around ten minutes later he gave a cry of satisfaction as he pulled out a scalpel and began to cut the bullet out of the wall. ...read more.


When they got there they walked in and Will said "Computer carry on program" and went up to the door as the police officer kicked the door down. Then he turned around and said "Where is he" he was behind a box and was waiting with a gun when they walked in he shot up and said "Don't move or ill shoot" and walked around the room pointing it at them. Then Data pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg and he dropped to the floor and shot his gun and the bullet hit the mirror and it smashed into smithereens on the floor. Then the police officer rushed in and pulled out his handcuffs and handcuffed him up on the floor. When they had done this the police officer took him outside and put him in a car and drove off. Will and Data went back to their hotel and Will said "Computer end program" and went out of the holodeck and into the corridor of the ship. Then Will said "So when shall we do this again then?" and Data replied "Never that was hell next time well go canoeing or something that was boring". So Will went back up to the bridge and said "Data lay in a course for starbase 66 warp 3 engage" and that is where we leave them until the next time they get themselves into trouble. ...read more.

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