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Threats to customer Data

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Threats to Customer Data In this century there more and more computers being made and customised by everyone but there are many risks to these computers which can damage them. These are the threats to the customer' data 4 threats. Ways to counter them. Assess! Computer misuse act and their effectiveness. The purpose of data protection legislation is to ensure that personal data is not processed without the knowledge. Viruses Hackers Spy ware Hardware failure Human error Dishonest employees Natural disasters Theft Terrorism Flood and Fire Viruses A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without the permission or knowledge of the user. The term "virus" is also commonly but also used to refer to other types of malware, ad ware and spyware programs that do not have the ability to create itself again. A true virus can only spread from one computer to another when its host (some form of code) ...read more.


* Getting an antivirus-viruses in the computer are detected by the antivirus and stopped and then removed, it also informs the users if they have entered any suspicious websites and tells us to avoid it or blocks us from it automatically. An antivirus completely removes viruses or other harmful soft wares which is also called malware in computing terms. * Not using the computer infected-if a computer has been infected by a virus, it's not safe to continue using the same computer without completely reinstalling the operating system. There are still a number of recovery options that exist after a computer has a virus. These actions depend on severity of the type of virus. System Restore, which restores the computer and sensitive system files are removed and the computer's status is back to what it was from when it was bought. Although you will lose all your files completely and will have reinstall everything. ...read more.


Prevent spywares to enter our system Don't run unnecessary network services - When installing systems, any non-essential features should be disabled. If a feature is installed but not actively used, it is less likely to be updated regularly, presenting a larger security threat. Also, allow only the software's you need there because other software's could give you many risks. Norton Internet Security is well known software which is secure and protects us from going on websites which aren't safe. Implement a firewall - A firewall is a kind of like a barrier that keeps hackers and viruses out of computer networks. Firewalls restrict network traffic and allow only authorized data to pass through and tell us if we have any risks also if we have our firewalls turned off it gives us warnings to turn it on. The threats can be stopped depending on just our actions for example, downloading files from unknown sites and poor habits of opening up strange email attachments and there are many other mistakes made by people which give more options to the hackers or make it easier for them to hack in. ...read more.

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