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To specify different types of software for 3 different systems

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Software Task. My task is to specify different types of software for 3 different systems. Software comes on disks. You can't physically touch software. Software fits into two main categories. * Operating systems (o/s) * Applications (apps) The operating system is the first thing that is loaded when the computer is turned on. All programs have to talk to the o/s. All desktop computers need an operating system. The main things that the system software does is: * It manages the hardware and software resources of the computer system. These resources include things like CPU, memory, * It provides a suitable consistence way of applications to deal with hardware without having to know the details of the hardware. * To make it easier to run user programs * To improve the performance of the computer system * To provide assistance with program development * To simplify the use of the computer system for users other than computer specialists. Operating systems fit into four main categories: Real time operating system - These systems are used to control machinery, scientific instruments and industrial systems. This type of system has very little user interface capabilities. A very importance part of an RTOS is managing the resources of a computer so particular operations carry out in exactly the same amount of every time it occurs. In a complex machine, having a part move more quickly just because it has more resources available may just be as tragic as having it not move at all because the system was busy. Single user, Single Task - This operating system is designed to manage computers so that one user can effetely do one thing at a time. An example of this is an operating system for a palmtop. Single user, Multi Tasking - This is the type of operating system most people use on there desktops and laptops. An example of this is windows 98. This o/s will let a single user have several programs running at the same time. ...read more.


It also comes with an auto correct facility. This is also very use full because if they type "teh" it will correct it self in to "the". In word you can also do undo up to 100 times. It also has a lot of facilities like create tables, insert pictures etc. These are the main reason for choosing Microsoft word 97. I also choose word because most pc has this program on and when you want to share a file with someone else it is possible but if I had another word processing package then this would not be possible. I decided I did not want to use word pro because it is slightly harder to use and if you wanted to lend your work out to some one who has got Microsoft word, Microsoft word will change format and not change it back to word pro format this could cause a lot of problems. Word pro has not got a spell checker as good as Microsoft word. Microsoft word will be a little bit difficult for the children but they will get use to it. System requirements Pc with a 486 or higher processor Microsoft Windows 95/98 operating system or later, or Microsoft Windows NT 8 (megabytes) MB of memory 121 MB required for typical installation, CD-ROM drive VGA or higher-resolution video adapter Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device I have also decided to use Mavis beacon typing. I think this will help the student to find the keys on the keyboard and it will also help them to type faster. This is good tutorial program for beginners because it is very easy to use and understand. It's a good application for young people because it has age appropriate lessons and contents. It also talks so the users can hear what they have to do so it is very useful for disable students. ...read more.


The virus checker is very good because it checks incoming emails before they are even opened and it will let you know if there is a virus attached to the email. And it will pop up telling you there is a virus. It is also very easy to update the virus checker from the web page. You can set it to look up for new updates and download them. Scan disk is very good to maintain the Pc. It has a program called speed disk, which makes programs load and run faster. It also has clean sweep this is a good program if you want to get rid of a program safely. The software is also compatible with windows 2000 System requirements * Intel(r) Pentium(r) 133 MHz or higher processor * 64 MB of RAM * 78 MB of available hard disk space (Typical) * 78 MB of available hard disk space (Complete) * CD-ROM drive * Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or above required for One Button Checkups For the firewall I am going to use Norton's firewall 2001 this is because it is a very easy to use and again it is easy to get updated. It is a very secure and it monitor all the programs that are trying to access the internet and that are trying to get in. the software is also compatible with windows2000. I decided to use this because if I used another firewall it ay has conflicted with it causing it to crash. System requirements * 150 MHz Pentium(r) class or higher processor * Windows(r) 2000 Professional, Windows NT(r) Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 4 or higher), or Windows Millennium Edition * 32 MB of RAM (48 MB recommended) * 10 MB of available hard disk space * Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 with Service Pack 1 or later * Microsoft Windows Internet support * CD ROM drive System 3 prices �844.82 for windows 2000 �321 for licence per pc �57.57 Norton's system works �30 licence per pc �19.99 firewall �8 licence per pc Total �5948.38 Sunil Patel 1 ...read more.

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