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Top Ten Troubleshooting Issues

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Tech Liaison Role / Top Ten Troubleshooting Issues This guide describes how the Tech Liaison role will function within guidelines established in our service level agreement (SLA). The goal is to help our organization to gain control of their tech support services and costs. This model calls for our management level 'CIO' to make strategic decisions and 'tech liaisons' to take initial problem reports and make a first brief attempt at troubleshooting the problem. Ground Rules 1. Document the problem. Write down any Windows or application error messages on the computer. Describe the situation when the problem occurred. Fill out the problem report as completely as you can. 2. Spend no more than 5-10 minutes troubleshooting the problem. 3. If you are able to resolve the problem, document the steps taken to resolve it. This information may be able to help the next person with the problem. 4. If you are not able to resolve the problem, determine the priority level of the problem using the SLA and report it to the CIO. ...read more.


Restart the power strip or check to see that the reset button is in the on position. b. Check to see that there is electricity to the outlet. Check the status of other devices connected to the power strip, like the monitor. c. Check to see if the monitor or computer is running. Look for the 'on' light and listen for a fan or hard drive. d. If the hard drive and fan are making noise, check to see if the monitor connection to the computer is snug. If so, try substituting monitors with someone who has a working monitor. 2. Computer gets stuck starting up the operating system a. Press "F8" at start up, and try launching in "Safe Mode". Restart and see if computer reboots normally, or with scan disk. b. Do a 'hard restart' of the computer by powering it down. Restart twice, assuming that scan disk will run on the first restart. 3. The mouse cursor does not move a. Check the cable connections between mouse and the computer to see if they are connected, and if so to the right ports. ...read more.


e. Restart the printer. f. Delete all files in the printer queue. g. Check the 'print' dialog box in the application to be sure that the right printer has been selected, and that the right driver for that printer has been installed. 8. The computer/terminal will not access the Web a. Determine whether the computer is on the network. b. Determine whether anyone in the office can get onto the web from any other computer c. Click on the start menu, choose 'run', type 'winipcfg'. Press the 'release all' and 'reset all' buttons, in that order. 9. A software application doesn't work a. Try opening the application directly, rather than through a file. b. Identify if any files have been deleted from the computer recently. If so, software may need to be reloaded. 10. A file will not open a. Determine whether the file has the proper suffix or a valid file name. If not, save a copy, rename the file, and try to open it. b. Open the application that created the file first and load it from within the program. c. Files that have the .zip suffix have been compressed and will need to be decompressed. ...read more.

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