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Use of IT tools in Road Management and Engineering.

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Use of IT tools in Road Management and Engineering by Raymond Au Abstract The report presents the use of IT tools in the road management and engineering area. IT tools used in the road management and engineering area is the main approach worldwide. It can save time, cost, labor force and also perform some works that human may not be able to accomplish. HDM-4 and ARCADY are typical examples of computer programmes. HDM-4 aims at assisting engineers in predicting the future economic, technical, social and environmental outcomes of possible investment decisions concerning road assets. It provide assessments of the economic and environmental impact of investment choices and consider new development works, maintenance works and improvement works as possible investment choices. ARCADY can assist engineers in predicting accident rates in existing roundabouts and designing new roundabouts at an ordinary intersection. It can save much precious time for engineers in geometric design in avoiding iterations by hands. Examples of testing these two computer programmes were performed. They justify the validity of both computer programmes in the road management and engineering area. However, nothing is perfect and the computer programmes also have drawbacks which will be discussed in this report. Contents Page Abstract 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 HDM-4 2-4 2.1 System Architecture 2 2.2 Road Management Function 2-4 2.2.1 Planning 3 2.2.2 Programming 3 2.2.3 Preparation 3 2.2.4 Operation 3-4 3.0 ARCADY 5 4 4.0 Test of HDM-4 and ARCADY 5 4-6 ...read more.


has been developed over the last 20 years by TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and is used for predicting capacities, queue lengths, delays and accident risk at roundabouts. ARCADY is a user friendly and helpful tool to aid the busy traffic engineer in designing new roundabouts as well as assessing the effects of modifying existing designs. It can design a roundabout and predict the accident rates automatically within a short time. It can also avoid the iteration process by hand to save much time. Thus, ARCADY is very convenient and important in road engineering. ARCADY 5 is the most recent evolution of a program that has been successfully used to design and re-design thousands of roundabouts throughout the world. ARCADY 5's main platform is graphical under standard Windows* environment, which is common to many organizations including governments, multi-national organizations and universities. ARCADY is based on empirical relationships derived from the study of many UK roundabouts. The capacity relationships were established from a database covering 11,000 minutes of at capacity operation at 86 roundabout entries, and the accident prediction routine is based on 431 injury accidents at 84 roundabouts. Capacity and injury accident rates are linked directly to intersection geometry. The entire UK government, funded research programme, carried out at TRL, cost some and 7.5m or US$ 11.5m at today's values, and gives ARCADY robustness (TRL Software Bureau, 2003). ...read more.


capacity is still unknown at this time. 6.0 Conclusions IT tools bring many advantages and convenience to our lives. It shortens the gap between people and time required from place to place. It makes the world run faster with better quality. . They always play major roles in many fields such as construction, banking and design, etc. There are many computer programmes used for road management and engineering. HDM-4 and ARCADY are typical examples in this field. HDM-4 mainly performs it's functions in road management in making decision for the future improvement of road assets in network and project level. It can predict the different impacts. Making decision related to cost is very important since budget is always limited and so prioritization is always necessary. The prioritization can be determined by HDM-4, and the budget and resource can be effectively allocated. ARCADY can perform its functions in road engineering in geometric design and accident rate prediction. It has the advantages of time saving, accuracy and clear presentation over human capability in design by hands. Accuracy is very important in geometric design since it can directly affect the road users. Therefore, it can increase the degree of road safety which is always the most important issue in road traffic. ARCADY has been developed to ARCADY 5 and this latest version was tested to be still valid in performing its functions effectively. Practical uses of both computer programmes also show their validities in the areas in many projects but further analyses are still necessary for overcoming the drawbacks. 7. ...read more.

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