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uses of ICT in a company

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Contents 1. Terms of Reference 2. Procedure 3. Introduction 4. ICT system used 5. Table of components 6. The Components used by St Georges 7. How the Bespoke system is used and software applications 8. How the components are linked 9. Conclusion 1) Terms of Reference This report has been written by Jack Michaels at the request of John Gaulding and it is to be written about St Georges and the uses of ICT in the company. 2) Procedure The report will look at the systems, software and hardware used by St Georges to successfully run a business, and the information which I will be using has been supplied to me by Mr John Gaulding from St Georges and also the St Georges website 3) Introduction This report will show the way that St Georges run and maintain a lucrative and successful business. St Georges has several branches and is a business of 50 staff strong 3.1) Aims and Objectives St Georges obviously aim to give the highest possible care and treatment to the animals they treat as they can. There other main object is to make a large profit, so they can keep treating the animals, and keep expanding their business. ...read more.


They are also faster then serial or parallel ports. USB is the most used port by St Georges with most devices being linked via USB * Parallel Ports - This is a data transfer connection where data is transferred in parallel, on more then one wire. Parallel ports are traditionally used mainly with printers, however USB has taken this place with most new printers because of superior speed and efficiency, however many older printers still use parallel ports, for, much like the reason of St Georges, cost saving * Serial Ports - Serial ports are more basic then either parallel ports or USB ports as it has a much slower transfer rate. St Georges used to use serial ports to connect modems however St Georges now use a DSL modem, as they have broadband internet which is not compatible with traditional modems, and DSL uses USB ports and not serial ports * FireWire - Like USB ports, FireWire has high speed data transfer, however is not as commonly used at USB. St Georges only use FireWire for one device, a digital video recorder, and only one of their computers have a FireWire connection 6.6) ...read more.


When a customer makes an appointment, the receptionist will enter it on the bespoke system, which will then alert the vets of all their upcoming appointments. 9) Conclusion After looking individually at all of the different aspects of ICT and technology used at St Georges you can see it is complicated but when you look it all as part of one interlinked system, it is very complicated. Like a complex machine missing a single cog, with just one system/program missing from their setup, they would not be able to work to their current high standards and probably not be able to work very well at all. Without the ICT St Georges have, they would have to do everything manually with pen and paper, store customer information, find calculations, write letters, create invoices, basically everything you can think of, which would cost vast amounts of time, which in turn costs money and money itself on goods such as paper, pens, folders etc, which would most probably total up to more then the cost of a basic computer system. This report shows us just how important the use of ICT is in a business environment, and how much impact it has. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jack Michaels ...read more.

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