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USING INFORMATION IN A COMMERCIAL ORGANISATION WHAT IS A COMMERCIAL SYSTEM? Commercial Systems are mainly those used by companies that sell products and services and they are used to help in the administrative activities of that business or organisation. When we say Commercial Systems are used in the administrative activities we mean they are characterised by files of information, which are routinely updated and are used to obtain printed or other output. Central and local government, public corporations, and charitable and recreational bodies as well as many by businesses mainly use these systems. Define The Term Commercial Commercial is the record keeping of sales. An example of this is a supermarket like Kwik Save keeping a record of what goods it sells and what is the most popular item. So if for example a Tin of Baked Beans is selling well they can re order twice the amount they used to order before. Define The Term System System is a collection of equipment and people to keep the job moving. An example of this is an employer of Kwik Save using a computer to check what items need re ordering. If some items aren't selling so well, they can try a different range of products to sell. ...read more.


Every company or business has to pay its employees. Although this looks like a straightforward task it isn't as all employees have tax and National Insurance. These contributions have to be deducted from the wages before they are paid. It is complicated further when you realise that tax to be paid depends on total income and on taxable benefits such as company cars. Extra payments such as overtime also mean that the payments are unlikely to be the same from one week or month to the next. To make payroll processing easier and simpler there are a number of standardised software packages available fed with the information. On it just mentions about each employee, they calculate the weekly or monthly payroll. The Commercial System, which I am going to describe, is Stock Control. The Commercial Organisation that I am going to describe is Morrisons. HOW STOCK CONTROL IS DONE AT MORRISONS At Morrisons the sales made at each checkout are recorded in the daily sales file as the goods are sold. At Morrisons they record the product code of each item sold. At the end of each day the individual product codes are read from this file. ...read more.


He decides if there are enough workers to manage the tills. The store manager also decides if some products can have a discount price for the day. DECISION MAKING The regional manager makes the medium term decisions of Morrisons. He decides if there is enough bread or milk to meet the demands of the customers. He can also decide if there needs to be a new product on sale if one isn't doing so well. If the regional manager decides another store needs to be opened he send a letter to the head office with all the profits to see if it's a good idea. When its summer the manager also has to decide if he wants to stock items like Garden stuff etc. PLANNING The director makes the long-term decision making of Morrisons (Planning). The director also thinks about the future of the business. He decides if more stores need opening and in which town or country. CONCLUSION ADVANTAGES OF USING A COMPUTER BASED STOCK CONTROL SYSTEM Computer based stock control system allows the manager to monitor stock levels closely. This allows the manager to increase its profits and improve customer service. This system is also quicker and fewer mistakes tend to occur at the checkout. DISADVANTAGES The cost of this system is too high and you will also need to train your employees to use this system. ...read more.

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