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Utility Programs and Macros

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Utility Programs Definition: A utility program is a program that performs a common task, such as copying and listing files on a list. Utility programs are generally provided alongside the operating system, but are sometimes bought separately. Many utility commands change with the operating system. Eg. In windows, the copy command is Ctrl + C, but in Mac OSx this changes to Command +C. The major tasks carried out by utility programs are: 1) Disk Formatting (Preparing either laser or hard discs for use) 2) Listing files in directories or folders. ...read more.


Anti-Virus tools, or malware checkers. (Windows Defender, Mac Cleaner) 3) Web Browser, to surf the internet. This could be standard, purchased, or freeware. (Safari, Internet Explorer) 4) File Compression, to compress files, and make the file size smaller. (Windows File Compression, Mac file Compression) Note: Often, these tools are not given by the Operating System, or are not advanced enough to be completely reliable. In this event, one may need to purchase the software. Eg. Norton Antivirus, Mcafee Antivirus, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Rockmelt, Winzip, 7-Zip, etc. MACROS: Definition: Macros allow you to automatically record a series of keystrokes, so that the key combination can record those keystrokes when required to do so. ...read more.


Creating a MACRO in MS Word is incredibly simple. This is how it is done: 1) Click on record MACRO at the bottom of the screen. 2) Give the MACRO a name. 3) Everything you do between turning the recorder on, and off, is recorded. 4) For example, you can insert a header and footer, type out an address, change the font to a particular size, etc. 5) In the status bar, click on stop recording. 6) In newer versions of Word, one must turn on the MACRO recorder in the developer tab, and then do what one wants. ?? ?? ?? ?? Utility Programs and MACROS 1 | Page ...read more.

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A weak and sometimes innacurate description of two unrelated software topics

Marked by teacher Ivor Borkin 21/02/2012

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