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What is hardware?

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A01b - Using Hardware What is hardware? The physical components of a computer including the keyboard, monitor, disk drive, internal chips and wiring. The purpose of hardware is to help you input data into the computer and to give you information. Hardware consists of input and output devices. An input device is a device that puts data into the computer. For example when you type on a keyboard, you are "inputting" information (text) the computer. An output device is a device that "gives out" information, the most common output device is a monitor. A monitor sends out signals what makes us see all the actions it makes. This diagram is of just some of the inputs and output devices of a computer. Hardware used Keyboard The QWERTY keyboard is the most common way to enter text and numerical data into a computer. It is called a QUERTY keyboard because the first six letters across the top line are Q U E R T Y. Each key is a switch, and when pressed, sends a digital code to the computer. Keyboards come in many shapes and sizes depending on the computer. A keyboard is used for lots of things, buts its main job is entering data into the computer, from written documents. ...read more.


The scanner it more expensive than a keyboard, as the scanner is more advanced in technology. This is one of the reasons why more people have the keyboard, along with the fact that a keyboard is more or less essential to a computer. When you press a key on the keyboard whilst on a word processing program, information is immediately entered and shown onto the monitor. Unlike the keyboard, you have to wait several minutes for the transferring process. The information entered using a keyboard is very clear, and you can change the size and style of the text. On the other hand, when text is inputted using a scanner, the quality can sometimes be very poor, and can rarely be edited. The quality of the inputted information from the scanner can depend highly on the scanner. Overall, I think the scanner is the best and most efficient inputting device. I decided the keyboard was the most appropriate input device for entering text into my website because: * A keyboard is a part of the standard computer and is very important. * When you buy a computer, a keyboard is nearly always included in the package so you don't have to pay an extra cost, whereas you nearly always have to buy a scanner as it is not essential to the computer. ...read more.


* The hard disk cannot be removed from the computer and used in another one, as the disk is fixed inside of the computer. * The hard disk is not as fast at accessing items, than the IAS, because the read-write heads have to move to the right part of the hard disk, and then read the data into IAS. Choice of hardware I decided the most appropriate storage device for saving the website would be the hard drive because: * The hard disk is much more reliable than a floppy a floppy disk as it is much easier to damage a floppy disk than to damage a hard disk. The hard disk is very well protected and the floppy disk is quite small and can be easily broken. * The hard disk has a lot more storage space that a floppy disk, so if the document is too big, the floppy disk might not be able to hold all of the data. * Hard disks are much easier and quicker to access. They rotate at about 60-120 revolutions per second, compared to the floppy disk which only rotates at about 6 revolutions per second. * The hard disk is always in your computer, and is always there to access. The floppy disk can be lost or damaged, so there is a chance you might lose all work. ...read more.

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