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What motivates hackers?

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Hacking is defined as unauthorised access to data held on a computer system. The extent of hacking is extremely difficult to establish as it is only discovered by accident, with only about two percent of security breaches discovered as a result of positive action on the part of security staff. What motivates hackers In the past, hackers mostly went after servers this is because historically servers tended to have the most interesting data and, of course, the best connectivity to the rest of the Net. Servers are also more vulnerable. A machine that isn't listening on any ports can't easily be infiltrated. Nowadays hacking is often perpetrated by employees of a company who have acquired inside knowledge knowledge of particular user ID's and passwords. ...read more.


The important thing is having two network cards or MAC addresses, forcing network traffic through the proxy software. Another solution is a stand alone firewall device between your computer, or network and the Internet. these devices have drastically dropped in price recently and can be purchased for under $200.00. What You Can Do For the moment, at least, home firewalls aren't the answer. There are already packages on the market that claim to shield your PC from attacks. Some ISPs are putting in filters of their own to guard the most vulnerable areas, notably Windows file system sharing. Special software can be installed on a computer system which will maintain an 'audit trail' for who has logged on, from which terminal and for how long. This will enable any unusaual activity to be spotted and investigations be made. Some common forms of hacking... ...read more.


Trojans horse programs are "back doors" into a computer system. A hacker may disguise a trojan as another program, video, or game, in order to trick a user into installing it on their system. Once a Trojan is installed, a hacker could have access to all the files on a hard drive, a system's email, or even to create messages that pop up on the screen. Trojans are often used to enable even more serious attacks. By hiding programs to be run later, hackers might gain access to other networks. The simplest Trojan horse replaces the messages shown when a login is requested. Users think they are logging into the system, so they provide their usernames and passwords to a program that records the information for use by the hacker. The most famous Trojan horse to date is probably Back Orifice, once installed, this program gives the user access and control over any computer running a Windows 95/98 operating system or later. ...read more.

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