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When I visited my local dental surgery I noticed that they use a manual filing system and I felt that they could benefit from having computerised version, as it would save both time and effort for the receptionists.

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Problem identification. When I visited my local dental surgery I noticed that they use a manual filing system and I felt that they could benefit from having computerised version, as it would save both time and effort for the receptionists. The organisation The Dent Care Ltd is a medium size dental surgery based in Burnt Oak. The clinic deals with all aspects of primary dental care that includes regular inspection checks (every 6 months), teeth extraction, fillings, capping and bridging to denture fitting. All work is carried out under local anaesthetic. Where major prolonged work is required they are referred to specialist dental clinic where work can be carried out under sudation. The clinic is owned in partnership by the three dental surgeons and each has a dental nurse and two receptionists all of whom are computer literate and can operate the PC without much difficulty. At the moment, the clinic has an 80386 Compaq PC and a HP desk Jet Printer that the receptionist use for typing letters, invoices using Microsoft Word. The patient's appointments are hand written in a yearly planner that they use. The planner simply has a day and times of 15 mins intervals and 5 columns. The columns are headed with the names of the three Dental surgeons. Data collection To understand the current system, three methods of data collections were considered. 1. Questionnaire to all staff Advantages Disadvantages Quick way of collecting information from large number of people. Difficult to plan questions to collect complex data Useful if people are not available for interviews Cannot probe responses. Useful if people work in different parts of the office. Some find it easier to give honest accurate answers. 2. Interview the staff Advantages Disadvantages If well planned and questions are structured in advance lot of detailed information can be captured. People may not be fully truthful. Allows probing of responses to seek clarification or ask additional questions. People may not feel comfortable being interviewed. Takes up lot of time. ...read more.


i.e. if it has 11 spaces for a telephone or mobile number and you enter twelve it won't let you move on. It also changes mistakes if it thinks they are wrong. What are the differences? * In Access you have to chose a field * In access you have to make the first field the key field which is a unique number so that you can not mistake it for anything else * In Access you have wizards to help you create tables, forms, and reports * Access is a relational database which means you can link together tables * In Access it's easier to do Mail Merge and produce reports. * Excel specializes in number processing and modeling where as access special in data management. Proposed hardware A suitable specification I think they need is: * 512mb RAM, 80 Gb Hard Drive * 2.8 GHz processor * 56K modem, Keyboard, Mouse * 128Mb 3D Video graphics adaptor, 17" flat screen monitor * Ink jet printer * CD RW drive, 1.44Mb floppy * 100Mbit Ethernet network card. Reasons for choosing this specification: Computer is fast and can run all modern software. Large amount of RAM to allow multiple tasks to be run. CD RW drive allows reliable backing ups of data. Network card will be required for multi user system. A large flat screen monitor is selected to save space in a small reception room. A small ink jet printer is selected because the demand for printing is quite small. Proposed Software Specifications * MS Office 2000 professional software suite - MsWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, * Operating System - Windows XP I have chosen Windows XP, as it is the latest of the Windows. It is easy to use, allows multi-access accounts to be setup for different users. Application Suite, as it is cheaper than buying each program separately. It also allows strong data portability between various applications for example, create process models on spreadsheets, Use Access for patient's records storage and queries and do Mail Merge with Word for generating payment receipts and printing follow-up appointment card. ...read more.


A10. There are the three surgeons, three medical nurse and two of us at reception. A11. We have a list of treatments and prices against them. The surgeon writes down what treatment he has carried out and calculates the total. A12/13. Yes, quite often, all we do is put a diagonal line across it and make a new appointment. If they cancel before 48 hours, we do not charge them, otherwise we charge them �20. Appendix C Notes taken during observation Observing the surgeon: Receptionist takes the notes from the filing cabinet and passes it to the nurse. The surgeon checks his last notes. The nurse calls the patient in. The treatment is carried out and the surgeon writes, the treatment he carried out and indicates if follow-up appointment is needed, he makes a brief notes about what he needs to do next time. The patient leaves the treatment room and the nurse returns the patient file to the receptionist desk. The next patient is the called in. Observing the Dental Nurse: Dental nurses are only involved in fetching and returning the patients records to and from the surgeon and assisting the surgeon. They do not write anything on the patient's notes. Observing the Receptionist: Confirmed what the receptionist said she did with customer handling process. All information given during the interview was correct. Also observed the time wasted when the clinic becomes busy and how frustrated they become having to share a single appointment planner. The times they take to write out the receipt and appointment card is quite effective, but it takes a lower priority to ensuring surgeons receives the patients records and are not waiting. This means keeping the customer waiting longer then is necessary. Customer are frequently kept waiting as they try to pay for treatment or make follow-up appointments. New people arriving are given higher priority. Appendix D: customer Documents collected. Pic of form Dental pics, teeth record Medical history form Appointment list Practice record form Return card for next appointment ...read more.

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