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Why its important to have protocols and standards on a network

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To: Peter Cresswell From: Kyle Jones Date: 30th April 2012 Message Protocols are important on a network because without protocols computers would not be able to talk to each other and so the internet would be useless. For example if you are in France, and did not speak French you would not be able to talk to anyone because you wouldn't be able to understand them, and they could not understand you if they did not speak your language. ...read more.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) FTP helps us send and receive files sent from other computers. If either of the two computers did not understand this protocol then you would not be able to send and receive files because the computer would not know the "language" and so sending a file would be impossible. SMTP/POP3 (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol & Post Office Protocol) SMTP and POP3 is the protocol for sending E-mails SMTP allows you to send emails, and its usually POP3 that allows you to receive them. ...read more.


A standard for Ethernet which is known as IEEE 802.3 is the standard for hardwired networks. It defines what type of wiring can be used, the connector styles and the power requirements. So in conclusion Protocols are needed so your computer can interact with other computers for things such as using the internet and sending and receiving files and emails. Protocols are the "language" computers use to talk to each other. Standards are important so all networks have to follow the same rules. Standards are a set of guidelines on how different companies need to make their equipment. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Here's what a star student thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Response to the question

The student has answered the question and has shown a basic understanding of what a protocol is, why they are used and what would happen if devices didn't all follow the same protocols.

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Response to the question

The student has answered the question and has shown a basic understanding of what a protocol is, why they are used and what would happen if devices didn't all follow the same protocols.

Level of analysis

The student has carried out very little analysis and has instead just recited back what each of the main protocols do. There are two basic explanations of IEE 802.11g and IEE 802.3, but no major details are provided.

Quality of writing

The writing style is quite basic with very short sentences. Content is frequently repeated unnecessarily and there isn't a logical flow of argument. I would suggest that the student should avoid introducing new content in a concluding paragraph, but should instead use the final paragraph to bring together all important points made earlier in the essay.

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Reviewed by paradoxsocks 09/09/2012

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