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Why was BletchleyPark able to break the Enigma codes?

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Why was Bletchley Park able to break the Enigma codes? In 1940 the people at Bletchley Park broke the enigma code. Contributing to their success were six main points. They cracked the enigma code with the help of previous work that had been carried out by in November by Hans Thilo Schmidt who got his French spymasters, Rodolphe Lemoine and Gustave Bertrand, to photograph the enigma operating manuals, which Schmidt had 'borrowed' from a safe in the German Defense Ministry Cipher Office. In December 1932 the polish Cryptographer Marian Rejewski worked out the wiring for inside the Enigma cipher machine thanks to the documents supplied by Hans Thilo Schmidt. The Poles tell the French and British that they had already been monitoring the German messages and had built an enigma machine and were reading the messages and had been doing so between 1933 till 1938. They admit that they are not reading the Enigma messages anymore but it can be read again if the perforated sheets are produced. ...read more.


In March 1943 the code breakers manage to break into shark once again using the short signal codebook, which had been captured of U-559 on 30th of October 1942, to help them identify the cribs. The German high command made some very important mistakes during World War 2; these mistakes advanced the work being done at Bletchley Park a huge way. Between 3-21st of May 1940 the Germans analyzed the damage that was done by the disappearance of the Polares and decided that their codes were not likely to have been compromised, as there were only settings until 1st of June 1940 so they can reestablish cipher security after that. On 28 September the British submarine 'Clyde' attempts to ambush three U boats; when all three U-Boats escape, D´┐Żnitz (a German admiral) notes in his war diary that the most likely explanation is that the cipher has been compromised. Between 18-24 October the German Navy's Communications Service analyze the cipher system and declare that the code hasn't been compromised even due to the ambush in September. ...read more.


On 8-9 November 1942 the Polish cryptographers were evacuated from the code breaking centre after the invasion of North Africa as a German invasion of southern France is certain. On 12th of February 1943 Gustave Bertrand received a message form Antoni Palluth, who was one of the engineers that worked on the replica enigma machine, stating that he had been arrested by the Germans. Also on the 17th of February Rudolphe Lemoine, the French spymaster who knows about Hans Thilo Schmidt and the Enigma manuals, is arrested by the Germans in the south of France. On the 3rd of June 1944 Paul Paille , the French Counter Intelligence chief, Reads Bertrands report on how he escaped from the Germans and is asked by Sir Stewart Mezies, the head of British Secret Intelligence service, to interrogate Bertrand to discover if he told the Germans that the Allies had broken the enigma code because then he could also have told them about the Allied invasion, But it was concluded that Bertrand hadn't told the Germans anything, Bertrand is detained for a few day until the Allied invasion just in case. ...read more.

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