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‘Even if computers become self-aware, they will never have anything like human souls.’ Discuss.

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'Even if computers become self-aware, they will never have anything like human souls.' Discuss. In order to discuss this topic, I must obtain definitions for the words "computer", "self-aware", and "soul". This is so that I can build my arguments upon a stable base. These definitions have been gathered from 'The Oxford Paperback Dictionary & Thesaurus'. * Computer - electronic device for storing and processing data, making calculations, or controlling machinery. * Self - automatic * Aware - conscious, having knowledge * Therefore Self-Aware - automatically conscious * Soul - spiritual or immaterial part of a person. From this definition of soul, it is obvious that computers have to become a person to have a soul, and this is impossible as (by definition) ...read more.


They may even gain some if not total A.I. This implies that a computer could obtain all the intelligence of a human being if not more. The statement I am discussing asserts that even if computers become conscious, they will never have a spiritual or immaterial part to them. This is blatantly true, as we (the creators of computers) know that we have and will have only built them out of materials. I believe that we will not have the ability to insert a spiritual side into a computer within the same time-span that we will have the ability to give computers A.I. However, maybe computers can acquire A.I., and maybe this is the next best thing to a soul. ...read more.


It is also possible that computers already have minds. The 'qualia' problem suggests that we cannot determine whether something has a mind or is conscious merely by the way it acts. Just because a computer seems to be a slave to us, doing exactly what we tell it to do when we press buttons, does that necessarily mean that this is all it is capable off? Or even all that is does? A computer obviously does a lot more than we know, as it already has vague forms of artificial intelligence. A lot of standard software has assistants with A.I. in order to assist and help us. Sony has released a product called "AIBO". This is a cute electronic pet, which is very friendly and has the ability to learn ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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