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AS and A Level: Design and Technology

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  1. How do graphic designers give images meaning and how is symbolism achieved?

    For this piece of work I shall be looking at 3 designers and their work and shall be going to into great analysis. This analysis will include questions like, "who is its target audience?" and "what is the purpose of the image?" I find that a main source of meaning and symbolism in graphic design is found in brands and branding. We see them all over the world and they contain huge amounts of symbolism and meaning directed at their business.

    • Word count: 969
  2. Design of a flash light. Even though this device is so simple but in this design there are four major problems:

    Most Flashlights are in the shape of a cylinder such that fingers can wrap around it easily. In this design however, the cubic shape of it makes it hard to hold in hand. Also, the head of the flashlight where the light is located is angled upward without any logical reason, whereas it would have been better if the light was pointing downward. Switch: The part that causes the most frustration in this design is the on/off switch. Unfortunately the switch doesn't stay on and your thumb must maintain constant pressure on the switch to hold it up; otherwise it will turn off.

    • Word count: 635

    The Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 is comprehensive and recognises that everyone has the right to be protected from health and safety risks arising from work activities. A risk assessment is another fundamental aspect of promoting the health, safety and security of people who use services and the working environment. Risk assessment A risk assessment as discussed by Nolan et al (2008:89) is required by law and every employer has a duty to assess risks in the workplace.

    • Word count: 985

    Many people rely on the honesty, integrity and professional skills of social care workers and these codes spell out the standards people can expect of them. The codes are essential for regulating the profession and helping to improve standards and public protection. The Codes of Practice allows proper enforcement of social work values and provides a framework for ethical decision-making. My role is a demanding role which requires strength of character when tending to the personal care and hygiene requirements of the residents.

    • Word count: 868
  5. Safety glasses analysis

    Features -Theses goggles feature dual lenses. -An anti-fog treatment. -Triple face foam with moisture-wicking micro-fleece lining. -Total UV protection to keep your eyes safe. Size/material/production method. Aesthetics These goggles are specifically made for skiing, they have a very attractive design and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.The goggles are safe and suitable yet very fashionable Ergonomics This set of goggles are very attractive and aesthetically pleasing, also they are very well constructed and impact resistant therefore they fit their purpose very well. The head strap is adjustable and made of a flexible comfortable material that moulds to the contours of the wearers head.

    • Word count: 792
  6. Food is a concern to both manufactures and consumers. Explain how a food manufacturer and local authorities can ensure that food poisoning risks are reduced.

    It is more the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that their food that is being produced does not become contaminated. One of the most important factors a manufacturer can do to prevent food poisoning is to train their staff properly. It is important that the staff are capable of cleaning thoroughly the equipment used throughout the production of the food. A basic food hygiene certificate is now expected when handling food. It would also be a good idea for the manufacturer to employ supervisors to ensure that the other staff are doing the correct jobs in the correct ways.

    • Word count: 593
  7. knitting fabrics

    Warp knits have some elasticity, do not ladder and cant be unravelled. Although they can be cut like woven fabrics, warp knits have a limited application for clothing being mainly used for swimwear leisure and underwear linings laces ribbons and trimmings they are also used for net curtains furnishing and bed linen. Warp knits are mainly used in industrial end- uses including geotextiles. Woven Fabrics Plain weave This is the most used weave construction, which can provide endless design variation though the use of plain, thick, and thin, fancy and coloured yarns plain weave is strong firm, and hardwearing and is used for many types of fabrics and end-uses, i.e.

    • Word count: 934
  8. Investigate the work of two different consumer organisations. Compare their roles and the range of products they evaluate

    If a product meets all the standards then it can apply for a 'kitemark', this is to shows customers that the product has meet all the standards needed. This process can help manufacturers as if the product does meet all the standards then it will get the kitemark and it will help to show customers that they are buying a quality product which uses a quality system. The way in which it can guide consumer choice is by whether a product has a kitemark or not, people are

    • Word count: 534
  9. The Optimum Windmill Efficiency

    Variables: Independent Variable: number of the blades + angles Dependent Variable: Time to lift weight Controlled Variable: wind speed, the mass of weight, the size of the blade Planning B: Materials: * Windmill tower * 4 detachable wind blades * 0.5m long string * 3 x 10g weights * Hairdryer * Stop watch Method: 1. Collect and prepare all materials and apparatus needed for experiment 2. place built windmill tower on a desk facing the hairdryer 3. hairdryer to desired power 4.

    • Word count: 907

    I ensure all hot water outlets are currently working properly. I checked size of cylinder vent which is 22mm and discharging over tank. 3) The cold feed to the cylinder is 22mm which is adequate to supply the hot outlets. A 225 litres (50 gallons) storage cistern which is suitable and is also situated above the cylinder. 4) I checked with the customer that they were happy with the plans and sizing of the hot water cylinder. 5) Information on the job was available but there were no detailed plans, so we discussed and wrote out plans.

    • Word count: 457
  11. 'Books are dead'

    Books are seen as primitive and dated because they have less to offer the next generation in the form of enjoyment. Furthermore, books are not fashionable in the twenty-first century. This is because popularity within the community is directly proportional to whether the individual has the newest technology or not.

    • Word count: 469
  12. Should sports make full use of the technology available?

    Many ball games don't take the advantage of the technology that is available. One of them is cricket. The umpire has to look out for many things just for one ball. When the bowler is bowling the umpire has to see that the bowler doesn't step on the return crease, and then looking out for the no-ball on the popping crease, then looking where the ball pitches at ninety miles an hour to make a decision (if there is one to make) on LBW. The technology of Hawk-eye and Snickometer is possible but only for audience on the television to view. Why don't the umpires get to use it? It would solve a lot of arguments and disagreements.

    • Word count: 554
  13. Meeting Special Needs

    To build up the sentences he uses another program, that scrolls words and phrases along the screen, then he uses his index finger to select the words he wants. Evaluation on Social Life If Steven Hawking didn't have this technology, he wouldn't be able to communicate, and would find his social life very difficult, as no one would be able to understand what h is trying to say. The advantages of this technology are that it enables him to talk even though it gives him a unusual unrealistic voice.

    • Word count: 974
  14. Direct and Indirect Costs

    There are many legal obligations as well as social and welfare considerations, which add to this high costs total. In order to work out the exact labour and wages costs to be attributed to each unit of production, an organisation must take a careful study of the production process and allocate the appropriate expenses. If, for example, an individual earns �10 per hour and processes 10 units during that hour, then �1 of direct costs may simply be added to each unit.

    • Word count: 508
  15. Analysis on product design

    to complete the product properly. To my family for preferences, I will go to the library, frame shops hobbies etc this is because the and I will go online to see other product will be made to take products for ideas.

    • Word count: 123
  16. The Mind of the Chemist

    A chemist works out chemical facts by experimenting and repetition of experiments. Although the conclusions may not necessary be correct, they may be used as the basis for further work until a better explanation arises. In some cases, the fact may be incomplete and yet useful enough in approximation. Chemists think about these facts as part of a lager picture, and try to reconcile different facts and make useful patterns out of them.

    • Word count: 472
  17. Discuss how poets describe their attitude to place.

    I think that the helicopter simile is successful because it gives the reader an idea of the size of the city; the helicopter is so small and delicate in comparison. I think that the phrase "jumbo sized dentist's drill" doesn't work very well because the object being described doesn't share as many characteristics with the object being used to describe it. In the sixth line of the first stanza, "Hotel Room, 12th Floor" McCaig refers to the invasion of "midnight" from "foreign places".

    • Word count: 843
  18. Our modern world relative to Bradbury's.Fahrenheit 451

    Although it is tremendously useful in numerous ways, it is unsettling to think of how in-control technology is of our lives. Would you be able to last a whole day without using your telephone, operating your computer, listening to your CD's, or enjoying that nice warm beverage that's been heated by your microwave? The answer is probably no. Even though you might not think that technology has power over your life, if you look carefully, you'll find you're mistaken. Do you know what "family time" is?

    • Word count: 938
  19. The Impact of Computers and Society - Robots notes.

    Right now there are two main types of robots that are commonly used. The first type is the service robot. This type of robot not only contains sensors that allow it to complete a task, but also gathers information to determine what action should be taken. The service robot can be as complex or as simple as is necessary. The cost relates directly to its complexity. An example of a complex service robot is the Mars pathfinder robot. The Mission Homepage states that this project cost under $150 million dollars spent over three years.

    • Word count: 753
  20. Internal and External validity.

    Generally speaking, social science researchers are interested in acquiring knowledge about a sizeable population. And yet, often it is not feasible to obtain information from every individual in that population. Hence, researchers draw samples from the larger population, administer the measurement instrument to this smaller sample group and generalize the results back to the entire population of interest. Internal and External validity: When we conduct experiments, our goal is to demonstrate cause and effect relationships between the independent and dependent variables. We often try to do it in a way that enables us to make statements about people at large.

    • Word count: 683
  21. Computer-aided Design/Manufacture.

    In microelectronics, as devices have become smaller and more complex, CAD has become an especially important technology. Among the benefits of such systems are lower product-development costs and a greatly shortened design cycle. While less expensive CAD systems running on personal computers have become available for do-it-yourself home remodelling and simple drafting, state-of-the-art CAD systems running on workstations and mainframe computers are increasingly integrated with computer aided manufacture systems.

    • Word count: 542
  22. Accounting for decision making.

    Whereas applying the opportunity cost concept, which concerns the price fluctuation in open market, materials cost is exactly the greater of either the net receipt of selling or the avoided expenses if materials were used on some other jobs. There is no doubt that ignoring the amount paid in calculating material cost because it is useless to look back to past.

    • Word count: 564
  23. The two posters I have chosen to write about are a second world war 2 poster called "Dig For Victory" and a sixties poster for a New York clothing store.

    The design on this poster is very simple. This is because it was to put the message across to people simply. The lettering in this poster is clearly more important than the picture. The text is white bold on a red background. Most wartime posters used bold text, as this was an effective way for people to understand how important the messages were. The picture is simply just a foot digging a spade into the ground. The picture is a photograph.

    • Word count: 826
  24. Assessing Science and Technology of the Ancient Times, Its Effects on Society.

    One of these discoveries was that fire could be harnessed and put to work. While some animals have an instinctive fear of fire, humans somehow discovered that fire could be controlled and kept in one place. No one knows exactly when this discovery was first made. However, archaeologists have found that during the Ice Age humans used fire for cooking and to keep warm. Today this very same source of heat is used to produce steam for turbines. Science was the domain of the philosopher, while technology was in the hands of the craftsman.

    • Word count: 751

Everything that is manufactured, and that includes just about everything you're going to use today, has been designed. A level Design and Technology allows you to explore and understand the world of design and how technology enables the development and production of design ideas. The course will introduce you to the work of designers such as Dyson and will encourage and enable you to research, design, produce and test ideas for marketable products.

As well as creative work you'll be required to produce written assignments and Marked by Teachers has a wide collection of essays which will guide you to a better understanding of what examiners expect.

During your course you'll explore materials such as wood, plastic and composite materials, you'll be introduced to systems and their control and you'llbuild on your presentational skills too. A level design and Technology is an excellent preparation for further study in Fashion, Design and Product Development.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Investigate the work of two different consumer organisations. Compare their roles and the range of products they evaluate

    "Conclusion The differences between the two organisations are that the standard organisations focus on the product functioning properly and it also being of a high standard. The consumer watchdog on the other hand offers a comparison of different products to the consumer in order to show them which products are best. Both of the organisations can determine the customer's choice as to which product they choose to buy. The standards organisations can affect their choice by showing which products are the best by giving the best products a kitemark. The consumer watchdog does the same thing but in a different sort of way, as offering reviews as to which products are the best. The consumer watchdog does not either help or hinder the product manufacturers, but the standards organisations do as they pick out and show the consumers which products are the best and have the highest quality. This helps the manufacturers if they do meet the standards required."

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