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AS and A Level: Design and Technology

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  1. The use of I.C.T within the police force.

    "Science and technology has transformed the fight against crime and will continue to do so. From forensic science such as DNA and fingerprints, to technical equipment like breathalysers, and speed cameras, and Information Communication Technology such as the Police National Computer and Airwave, new technology is helping the police combat crime". - Home Office Minister John Denham. The technology that the police now use is entirely different from that used two decades ago. One of the first crucial introductions of new technology in the police force was the mobile radio.

    • Word count: 814
  2. What is Design? (Victor papaneck's views)

    Everyone has a different definition of design however most of them are similar. William R. Miller's (1996) definition of design supports Papaneck's view, "Design is the thought process comprising the creation of an entity. Design is a conscious activity, guided by aims and objectives. It refers to planned and organized actions intended to bring about some predetermined outcome, although there may also be accidental or unexpected results." "The rightness of any design solution will depend on the meaning with which we invest the arrangement".

    • Word count: 472
  3. A Day in My Life.

    At ten past eight I leave my front door and begin my short journey to my school, Eastbourne Technology College. Once I am at school I go to registration with my teacher, Mr Stewart, then I sit eagerly in my form room until my first lesson of the day, this begins at nine. My first two classes are double design and technology with Mr Butchers. This is one of my favourite subjects as I enjoy using the machines, experimenting with many various materials and learning new skills.

    • Word count: 662
  4. Creating a safety system for a swimming pool used by the public.

    I would need a function that could alert people if there was an intruder within the pump room Users of the project There will be two different types of users using the piece of equipment, one group to raise the alarm and another group of people to operate and control the alarm. The group that raises the alarm will be the paying customers of the park and sometimes local residents; they can range from the age of 1 - 70+ years of age.

    • Word count: 832
  5. Target location technology, tracking systems.

    The Kiowa helicopter from the US Army used a symbology system that included night vision. The system recorded the mission allowing the pilot to play it back. The US Army also uses a laser as a target locator. It has been developed into a hand held laser targeting technology that doesn't damage eyes. Currently they are largely ground based but they allow targets to be located and intensified even in the dark. This technology has been transferred onto a military fighter aircraft for range finding in light and dark environments.

    • Word count: 790
  6. Business Functional Areas - Cash's have three functional areas Design, Administration and Production.

    The design department is an 'in house' and aims to develop a product to match customer's specification. Once a customer has placed an order on the internet, the design dept use a computer aided design (CAD) system exclusive to Cash's allowing a replica design or alteration to be made in minutes and reducing lead times to a couple of weeks.

    • Word count: 218
  7. The word

    Such change is progress toward a better understanding of nature. It is achieved by constantly questioning whether our current ideas are correct. As the famous American astronomer Maria Mitchell (1818-1889) put it, "Question everything". The result is that theories come and go, or at least are modified through time, as old ideas are questioned and new evidence is discovered. In the words of Karl Popper, "Science is a history of corrected mistakes", and even Albert Einstein remarked of himself "That fellow Einstein .

    • Word count: 760
  8. The location for this visit was a S.A.T.R.A (Shoes and Allied Trades Research Association) product testing facility in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

    When switched on the burners covered the manikin in flame, giving the effect of an extreme fire. The temperature of the burners could be varied via an electronic control system, as could the length of burn. Different types of clothes can be placed over the manikin to see how well they withstand the fire. Embedded into the manikin were a number of thermocouple temperature sensors. These are used to see how well the particular item insulates the manikin. It is no good for a type of cloth to not burn, but to let most of the heat through, as it would not be safe to use in situations of great heat (for use as firefighters' garments etc).

    • Word count: 854
  9. Eyewiyness Testimony - Significantly more RPs who are asked leading questions will state they saw a smashed headlamp than those who are not asked leading questions.

    we can predict the results. By doing this, validity is increased if the hypothesis is proved to be correct. Research Method The research is carried out using the independent measures design. This is because the disadvantages of the other designs made this the most suitable - the repeated measures design would increase order effects and the matched pairs design would be inefficient as it would take too long. It is the simplest design, making it easy to analyse or to explain to RPs when debriefing. It is also the quickest design to carry out as each RP takes part in only one of the groups.

    • Word count: 521
  10. The Design Process is a system for organising creative thinking. Discuss.

    The component parts in the Design Process are: foremost, responding to a need. This is a very important part of the process as it will determine right at the beginning of developing a product, whether the product is economically feasible - whether it is likely to have good selling potential. There is no point in developing a product which no-one will buy - so identifying a 'real-life problem' in need of a solution enables the designer to, initially at least, find a gap in the market - which they then try to fill.

    • Word count: 688
  11. Describe the main features of the economic boom in the 1920’s

    Ford could now produce 9000 cars per day one being produced every twenty seconds. Ford produced business for other industries like the steel, rubber, glass and oil. The steel, rubber and glass were needed in the production of the car itself. This had major effects on the companies, which harvested the raw materials, manufacturing them and even down to the people who delivered them. Another business that was affected was road builders. Before now the road system wasn't that good because there was no need for it. But after a lot of money was spent on building new roads and repairing and improving old ones.

    • Word count: 724
  12. Insulation Investigation

    I think that the cotton wool will be the most effective as and insulator as the cotton wool can be best pushed together to create no gaps and fills the gap perfectly in the cavity. Prediction- I think the best insulator in this experiment will be the cotton wool. Equipment-3 Large Beakers 3 Small Beakers 3 Thermometers 1 Timer Cotton Wool Polystyrene Cork Bungs Method- We firstly prepared the beakers by placing the cork bungs in the base of the large beaker and placing on top of the cork bungs the smaller beakers.

    • Word count: 604
  13. ‘Even if computers become self-aware, they will never have anything like human souls.’ Discuss.

    a person is a human being, and cannot be anything else. However, maybe it is possible for a computer to acquire something very similar to a soul. For example, a computer may be able to have feelings, emotions, consciousness, opinions and other characteristics of human's with souls. These abilities in a computer are known as A.I. (artificial intelligence). This seems impossible with the computers of this day and age, however, if one follows the drastic improvement in technology over the last century, one can see that what we know as standard now was inconceivable years ago.

    • Word count: 688
  14. Describe the Benefits of Mobile Technology.

    Doubtlessly, enhanced mobile technology is a golden opportunity for all humans to get the utmost enjoyment of life in comfort. Initially, the latest technology lets people do what they cannot imagine. For instance, they are able to connect to the Internet at far greater speed through wireless service and make video calls on their mobile phones with ?3rd Generation (3G) Technology?. Moreover, 3G also enables them to use their phones for entertainment purposes as well. That is, they can watch and download videos as if they were using their laptop computers.

    • Word count: 535
  15. Describe the performance of characteristics of eggs.

    Coagulation is the process in which proteins change from their natural liquid state into a gel or a solid. This happens because each protein molecule is constructed from long chains of amino acids joined by peptide bonds. The bonds are weak and when heat, acid or mechanical action is applied they start to break. The changes are permanent. When the protein changes it physical structure when it coagulates is called denaturation. Syneresis can occur when the egg is overcooked. This is when the texture becomes porous as the protein shrinks and pockets of water are left in the product.

    • Word count: 795
  16. Explain the fundamental ways in which technical textiles and smart fibres differ. Using examples explain how these two types of textiles can benefit users in the 21st century.

    Some other technical textiles are Scotchlite, electronic textiles, the smart bra, microfibres, Nano-fibres and Skintex skincare. Smart fibres have been developed to provide functions that will respond to and protect our bodies. They can be said to be 'intelligent' because of their ability to react to external stimuli or changes in the environment without human intervention. Smart fibres are split into four categories; Biomimetic fibres that mimic nature, Shape Memory textiles, Sense and Track fibres and Chromatic fibres. Biomimetic fibres mimic good design in nature; some of these include Fastskin by Speedo and a fabric by Stomatex.

    • Word count: 656
  17. Advantages of CAD against traditonal methods of design.

    Dimensioning is vital for designers as it gives the proportion for the model which on cad can be drawn to real size without using scales to shrink the design for paper which can cause problems later. Dimensions can be added in an instant with two clicks. Many modern cad packages automatically dimension drawings to certain international standards like ISO 8888 or ISO128. ISO stands for the international organisation for standardisation. Existing designs can be easily edited or modified to insert new dimensions or parts, copies of designs can be individually edited to produce two different versions of the product from the same parent design.

    • Word count: 872

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