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AS and A Level: Design and Technology

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  1. Research to aid designing an interactive toy of game for children. One of the most common interactive toys found in the market are the interactive plush toys. Popular brands are the Actimates Barney, Tickle Me Elmo,

    (1999) actually brought up some issues that can be considered which can be factored into the design. Basically, the authors pointed out the potential ethical implications of these interactive toys, especially as to how this may affect the child's development and bring it to a different direction. The following issues are enumerated by Fogg, et al. (1999) towards interactive plush toys, as follows: � Is it a good thing that the child spends his or her time more with the toy such as sharing activities like watching TV and using computers? � Is it a good thing that these children might start to think that their interactive is a live being?

    • Word count: 1975
  2. Flow chart for producing a magazine rack. Equipment, health & safety and quality control.

    work vice, spare wood as soft jaws, pillar drill 10 � Basic PPE, clamp work down securely + dusk mask Make sure hole is positioned correctly Sand down all parts of the drawer File, rough sandpaper, clamp Basic PPE + Dusk mask Sand down to lines, giving smooth curves and edges Final Inspection Check that all edges are smooth, and joints fit together properly ACTION EQUIPMENT HEALTH & SAFTEY QUALITY CONTROL Mark out legs and main body base Ruler, tri- square, pencil Basic PPE, blue coat, be aware of others Check dimensions and measurements before cutting Cut out shapes Tenon

    • Word count: 1424
  3. Introduction to construction. Identify & describe the key factors that influence construction projects related to the development of a sustainable built environment.

    Task 2 1. Identify & describe the aims & objectives of sustainable construction. A sustainable building, or green building is an outcome of a design philosophy which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use - energy, water, and materials - while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle, through better design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal. Reducing waste, the construction industry produces 90 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste every year - landfill sites are almost full, so where will it all go?

    • Word count: 1024
  4. Free essay


    One of the flanges has an enlarged portion and the other flange has the same recess. This helps to bring the shafts into line and to maintain alignment. The two flanges are coupled together with nuts and bolts. Flange couplings are not always used to connect shafts they are also used to connect heavy duty water piping. Clutches A clutch is a device for connecting and disconnecting the drive between two in line shafts. In a friction clutch the two parts are held in contact by springs and torque is then transmitted by the friction between the two surfaces which are in contact.

    • Word count: 1340
  5. Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Sydney Harbour Bridge & its Construction The contractors set up two workshops at Milsons Point on the North Shore. Here 79% of the steel was imported from England and 21% used from Australian sources was used into the making of this full steel arch bridge. The foundations for the four main bearings, which carry the full weight of the main span were dug to a depth of 12.2 metres and filled with special reinforced high-grade concrete laid in hexagonal formations.

    • Word count: 1435
  6. Logic gates

    A HIGH output (1) results only if both the inputs to the AND gate are HIGH (1). If neither or only one input to the AND gate is HIGH, a LOW output results. AND INPUT OUTPUT A B A AND B 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 c) Two input NAND gate NAND gates are one of the two basic logic gates (along with NOR gates) from which any other logic gates can be built.

    • Word count: 1207
  7. Single portfolio item: The decision to refurbish

    Of course other variables such as the client's costs programme and end user use must all be taken unto account, the current climate of environmental and carbon footprint issues continue to be an ever enforcing element with construction. Only when such a report is commissioned can it determine that the building is 'statutory defective' can the final decision of a building to be torn down can be decided. This can also be called a dilapidation report. In evaluating the varied mechanisms by which buildings are deemed to fail refurbishments is the valid reason to unsure that such a pre-condition report

    • Word count: 1718
  8. Free essay

    Buiklding service

    A water central heating system consists of basically the boiler, the radiators and the interconnecting piping. The boiler is powered from the oil in the tank and heats the water. In the boiler the fuel must be atomised if the process of combustion is to be efficient, as combustion is the way in which the boiler heats. Then a pump circulates the water through the pipework and radiators. The radiators are the emitters of heat in my household and release heat by radiation and convection.

    • Word count: 1887
  9. Free essay

    AS DT specifiation

    Therefore asking them what design they think is the superior one and also offering them their own choice of what else to include on the lamp. The lamp should be safe and fire resistance with soothing clam aesthetic colours to go with the room making the lightning and room relaxing and a pleasure of enjoying the way you relax or watch TV or anything you do in that room which you find appropriate, the design of the lamp should also be safe around pets and humans to not cause any damage or harm.

    • Word count: 1043
  10. Convenience and Future of ATM's in my Community

    In 1969, the first magnetic card was introduced. It was created by Don Wetzel who was working with Docutel. He had the patent along with Tom Barnes and George Chastain. It was installed in a New York based Chemical Bank (Bellis, n.d.). Later, Docutel developed the first truly ATM machine that we are familiar today. It was placed in the wall and outside the bank. However, the first ATMs did not directly accessed your personal account when withdrawing money from it. Instead, they were initially offered to the bank's credit card holders with good credit standings (Bellis, n.d.).

    • Word count: 1628
  11. Electronics AS project

    Investigations Thermistor test Resistance (K?) Temperature 5.63 21 5.3 23 3.92 30 2.61 40 1.75 50 1.22 60 0.87 70 0.64 80 0.51 90 For the voltage comparitor of the thermistor, the trigger point must be about 0.55K? to be able to trigger at around 85 C Characteristic curve of the LDR and Thermisor For a light sensor I am going to use a LDR, as I've used them before in my class work and know how to use them in circuits.

    • Word count: 1567
  12. Fear of technlogy locally

    This document can then be sent as an attachment using and e-mail program to one or more people who can also then add their own comments and re-distribute the document. Education ICT is incorporated at every educational level and begins with ICT being part of the national curriculum from an early age. Students need to develop software skills to enable then to carry out research and produce course work as they progress through the educational system. To support teachers and students a number of initiatives have been developed to provide them with resources that support both teaching and learning.

    • Word count: 1487

    Compatibility When installing anything in Windows vista, the end user would have a visual interface to install a product, which uses only binary files, this interface is very easy to use and can be used automatically by end users that cannot use a computer. Although using a Linux operating system may make the user manually install and compile the folder and without proper use and could end up a mess because it is not very user friendly process, but some versions of Linux also use a visual interface that is as easy to install rather than using a binary installation

    • Word count: 1458
  14. Jared Diamond versus Charles Mann on the Sophistication of Metalwork in Native America

    Diamond argues that the Europeans conquered the Natives because of superior metal technology. A close examination shows Mann's argument that the Natives' metal techniques undermines Diamond's argument that the Europeans had superior metal techniques. To understand the main differences between these two authors, one should examine the specific points before considering their different views on the specific metalworking techniques in the respective cultures. The Europeans had steel and Indians did not, which has led some researchers, Diamond among them, to "argue that Indian metallurgy essentially [did not] exist" (2).

    • Word count: 1655
  15. Natural Rubber:

    Synthetic rubber uses emulsion Polymerisation. Synthetic rubber can be made from various raw materials and reactions. In synthetic rubber there can be a mixture of cis and trans isomers. (2) 191 Natural rubbers configuration across the double bond is 98 % cis (both CH2 groups are on the same side of the double bond) and this allows the chain to increase in strength when they are stretched (they form crystalline regions). These are regions where the long chains of monomers line up very close together in straight lines.

    • Word count: 1167
  16. Experimental methods are finding increasing use in manufacturing to optimize the production process. Specifically, the goal of these methods is to identify the optimum settings for the different factors

    They want to make inferences about what produced, contributed to, or caused events. To gain such information without ambiguity, some form of experimental design is ordinarily required. As a consequence, the need for using rather elaborate designs ensues from the possibility of alternative relationships, consequences or causes. The purpose of the design is to rule out these alternative causes, leaving only the actual factor that is the real cause. Causal-comparative research is a useful tool that can be employed in situations where experimental designs are not possible. The researcher must remember, however, that demonstrating a relationship between two variables (even a very strong relationship)

    • Word count: 1313

    Most display personnel work for retail companies. Opportunities exist throughout the UK, particularly in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Some designers work overseas. Advancement is to management positions. Many display designers find promotion is easier if they are prepared to move. Some designers work freelance, lecture or teach on college courses. The Work The display designer is responsible for interpreting the 'look' of the store. Sometimes, this look is determined by head office, so that every store in the country (and often those overseas) presents an identical image.

    • Word count: 1378
  18. Mind Design

    This is to say that only objects with a mental state have the ability to be intentional. Intentionality is the ability of perception of both state and its relation to an object. To focus thought on an object and to have a state of reference to that object shows intentionality in way that non mental mater does not. Never the object or the state need to have any other reference in reality other than that of the mental apparition of the intelligent being that created it. This is to say that to have intentional thought of a fiction is as valid as intentional thought about a real world object.

    • Word count: 1363
  19. The changes being brought by computers have fundamentally changed the shape of working life. The biggest problem is that it has created an underclass that has fallen out of the bottom of the job market.

    The future will see work as something to be done independently of location. This can lead to the curse of accessibility, being constantly available. Some activities need a physical presence but others can be conducted remotely Telework can change an organisation's structure, behaviour and culture in a range of ways. By imposing physical distance between individuals who otherwise would be likely to work in close proximity to each other, by interposing telematic systems into existing, usually face-to-face communication systems, and by altering the structure and pace of the work being done, telework has the potential to make dramatic alterations to the way in which individual tasks are perceived and performed.

    • Word count: 1382
  20. The use of sound enhances interface design

    When it comes to computers, the interaction is mostly based on the visual channel. It can be said that the aim of most multimedia interfaces is to make the human-computer interaction more natural and to provide a more transparent interface by using various forms of inputs and outputs. Unfortunately, it is hard to see the use of sound in most of the computer interfaces apart from the error beeps. It is a fact that humans acquire a great deal of knowledge through their ears.

    • Word count: 1476
  21. Building and the Environment

    The topography of the site will affect the ease of which the construction takes place. A site with a steep slop will require less excavation, than that of a site with a modest slope. A flat site will require extensive excavations to be undertaken. Due to the possibility of there being an underground water table, there was a need for the building to be constructed on a reinforced concrete raft foundation. This foundation rests on bedrock. The bedrock plays an essential interaction with the footings of all walls and is also reinforced. Due to the pressure that is acting on the back wall of the building through the soil that is behind the wall, a kicker was needed in order to act as a prevention measure.

    • Word count: 1184
  22. ICT Meeting Special Needs

    This technology is very simple to use and its 98/99% correct. With this technology he can make documents send emails and surf the without having to type anything. He can also have a choice of what he wants to use a headset or microphone. He would first have to train the computer by reading out what it says on the screen. Evaluative Comment for social life As my Uncle has a visual impairment it would be really hard for him if he didn't have the speech recognition system to help him use the computer.

    • Word count: 1082
  23. Third world debt Vs Need for Technology

    As this was a huge concern a company based in India produce a low cost handheld computer named 'Simputer'. The device would only cost around $240. The device would enable people or a village to access the Internet and perform transaction and any other information that would be accessible via the Internet. Villages tended to by these as it help educate the kids within these villages. Current Situation: Figures published by the World Bank shows that the total external debt per country is as follows.

    • Word count: 1419
  24. In this part of the evaluation I have commented the good points about each sheet and also what I have done and what could I do to improve it.

    Mood board about user This I a good mood board because it has nearly all his interests on and has loads of picture of his (my) friends on it. He/I also like cars and defiantly the drums but I misplaced my second sheet of the mood board. Product analysis This is very nice and looks very neat because it has all been word processed. I am very impressed and I like this sheet. I could have labelled on the diagram the good and bad at the same time as the separate paragraphs.

    • Word count: 1992
  25. Physics in everyday use: Nympsfield Gliding Club.

    Although these restrictions sound severe, the Bernoulli equation is very useful, partly because it is very simple to use and partly because it can give great insight into the balance between pressure, velocity and elevation. Bernoulli's equation is the explanation for how an airplane is able to fly. It is an example of the first Law of Thermodynamics. In other words it states that Energy can not be created or destroyed. (Newtons Law) but it can be converted from one form to another.

    • Word count: 1834

Everything that is manufactured, and that includes just about everything you're going to use today, has been designed. A level Design and Technology allows you to explore and understand the world of design and how technology enables the development and production of design ideas. The course will introduce you to the work of designers such as Dyson and will encourage and enable you to research, design, produce and test ideas for marketable products.

As well as creative work you'll be required to produce written assignments and Marked by Teachers has a wide collection of essays which will guide you to a better understanding of what examiners expect.

During your course you'll explore materials such as wood, plastic and composite materials, you'll be introduced to systems and their control and you'llbuild on your presentational skills too. A level design and Technology is an excellent preparation for further study in Fashion, Design and Product Development.


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  • Investigate the work of two different consumer organisations. Compare their roles and the range of products they evaluate

    "Conclusion The differences between the two organisations are that the standard organisations focus on the product functioning properly and it also being of a high standard. The consumer watchdog on the other hand offers a comparison of different products to the consumer in order to show them which products are best. Both of the organisations can determine the customer's choice as to which product they choose to buy. The standards organisations can affect their choice by showing which products are the best by giving the best products a kitemark. The consumer watchdog does the same thing but in a different sort of way, as offering reviews as to which products are the best. The consumer watchdog does not either help or hinder the product manufacturers, but the standards organisations do as they pick out and show the consumers which products are the best and have the highest quality. This helps the manufacturers if they do meet the standards required."

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