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AS and A Level: Design and Technology

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  1. I have been asked by a company called Electrosales to research the security market and produce a range of designs for products that would sell in reasonable numbers. I will produce a prototype.

    Where shall I make it? In a developing country where the labor is cheap. When shall I buy the materials? When I have calculated what I need. How often shall I restock? Every time at least over half have gone. How many shall I produce? At first 50, but if people buy a lo of the product we shall go up to 200 and then see what happens from then on. How much shall it cost? We must make sure that our income is a lot more than our outcome then we can expand. Types of security: 1. Locks 2. Gates 3. Passwords. 4. Riddles 5. Retinal Scanners 6. Voice Recognizers 7. Fingerprint recognizer.

    • Word count: 1009
  2. Target location technology, tracking systems.

    The Kiowa helicopter from the US Army used a symbology system that included night vision. The system recorded the mission allowing the pilot to play it back. The US Army also uses a laser as a target locator. It has been developed into a hand held laser targeting technology that doesn't damage eyes. Currently they are largely ground based but they allow targets to be located and intensified even in the dark. This technology has been transferred onto a military fighter aircraft for range finding in light and dark environments.

    • Word count: 790
  3. The proposed design project is to design, produce and evaluate an innovative recycled clock, which is ascetically pleasing, and to work as a clock.

    * The clock looks distinctively interesting and different and this will hopefully generate much attention and interest. * Once I have finished the clock it will be suitable to be hung on a wall and observed when the time is needed by anyone who is in the room with the clock. Purpose * The recycled clock will demonstrate how materials such as used and unwanted timber, wrapping paper and how it can be used to create a new clock with an interesting new look.

    • Word count: 4162
  4. Business Functional Areas - Cash's have three functional areas Design, Administration and Production.

    The design department is an 'in house' and aims to develop a product to match customer's specification. Once a customer has placed an order on the internet, the design dept use a computer aided design (CAD) system exclusive to Cash's allowing a replica design or alteration to be made in minutes and reducing lead times to a couple of weeks.

    • Word count: 218
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Reality?

    This means that every new technology benefits some and harms others. Some years ago, even the people who believed that it might one day be possible to use computers for some more widely and useful than processing payrolls and crunching scientific calculations, it was unthinkable to them the dimension that VR would reach these days. (1,3,4) As Dorling Kindersley says in Multimedia the Complete Guide "We still don't know how the Revolutionary Technology of Computer-Generated Artificial Worlds promises to transform society". (1) Criterion B: IT Background of the Issue Introduction VR's origins can be traced back to the late 1960's when Ivan Sutherland produced the first head mounted display system.

    • Word count: 1652
  6. Design Brief - The manager of a local 'super store' has asked you to design a promotional display for the entrance to the store that can be used to promote a product of your choice.

    As a monostable the timer returns to output 0V after a time set by the resistor/capacitor. As an astable, pin 2 connects to pin 6 producing an automatic restart. These clock pulses can drive a flashing LED, a loudspeaker, a transistor, an IC, etc. A 741 operational amplifier or op-amp is used as a comparator or amplifier with one output and two inputs. A voltage at the '+' input causes a positive output (source) if it is more than the '-' input and a negative output (sink)

    • Word count: 2021
  7. The word

    Such change is progress toward a better understanding of nature. It is achieved by constantly questioning whether our current ideas are correct. As the famous American astronomer Maria Mitchell (1818-1889) put it, "Question everything". The result is that theories come and go, or at least are modified through time, as old ideas are questioned and new evidence is discovered. In the words of Karl Popper, "Science is a history of corrected mistakes", and even Albert Einstein remarked of himself "That fellow Einstein .

    • Word count: 760
  8. The Technological advancements of the Twentieth Century have hindered mankind's physical, moral and spiritual growth.

    Such an assertion seems preposterous when considering if advancements in weaponry created the stalemate during WW1 and consequently the high fatalities at the Somme why subsequently a repeat scenario did not ensue in Vietnam? It appears thus that the fewer deaths in the Vietnam War may actually have been achieved by improvements in technology. While perhaps an over simplified view, considering the different nature of these wars, there does appear to be evidence to support the case stated. The movement of people has been possible for many centuries, in many different modes, on foot, on horseback, by sea and by rail.

    • Word count: 1720
  9. The location for this visit was a S.A.T.R.A (Shoes and Allied Trades Research Association) product testing facility in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

    When switched on the burners covered the manikin in flame, giving the effect of an extreme fire. The temperature of the burners could be varied via an electronic control system, as could the length of burn. Different types of clothes can be placed over the manikin to see how well they withstand the fire. Embedded into the manikin were a number of thermocouple temperature sensors. These are used to see how well the particular item insulates the manikin. It is no good for a type of cloth to not burn, but to let most of the heat through, as it would not be safe to use in situations of great heat (for use as firefighters' garments etc).

    • Word count: 854
  10. Ultrasounds and why they are helpful to humans

    Ivan La Bruna Table of Contents Abstract 2 Background 4 Introduction 9 How it is produced 11 How it works 13 What is it used for 16 Conclusion 18 Bibliography 20 Background Humans, as other living beings, have the capacity to hear and to listen what sorroundings them. With this ability, civilized humans, started to study sound and how it behaved. The study of sound could be considered one of the most antique studies existing, people have always curioused on how to produce new sounds.

    • Word count: 4763
  11. My product study will focus on a "smallish stereo-headphone cassette player" (Klein's description of an unfamiliar product,) commonly known as the 'Sony Walkman.'

    WHAT DO I HOPE TO LEARN BY COMPLETING THE STUDY? The purpose of this product study is to analyse and illustrate the design and manufacturing aspects of the 'Sony Walkman,' that have been involved in its evolution and development into a timeless design classic. In order to learn about a design classic the following points should be researched: * History of the product * What the need was to be fulfilled which instigated the creation of the walkman * The design inspiration * The design decisions * The factors involved in manufacturing * Evolution of the product * How it

    • Word count: 3509
  12. Eyewiyness Testimony - Significantly more RPs who are asked leading questions will state they saw a smashed headlamp than those who are not asked leading questions.

    we can predict the results. By doing this, validity is increased if the hypothesis is proved to be correct. Research Method The research is carried out using the independent measures design. This is because the disadvantages of the other designs made this the most suitable - the repeated measures design would increase order effects and the matched pairs design would be inefficient as it would take too long. It is the simplest design, making it easy to analyse or to explain to RPs when debriefing. It is also the quickest design to carry out as each RP takes part in only one of the groups.

    • Word count: 521
  13. Agfa Responding positively to a changing environment

    Analogue imaging has not been abandoned and still has millions of satisfied consumers. However, the industry will move on. This is because the new technology: � is genuinely innovative � has undeniable advantages in some key aspects � has been shown to work � is proving reliable � is capable of further development � will become cheaper in the long run. The pace of change is accelerating. Abandoning former practices and establishing new ways of working is generating not only excitement, but also stresses and tensions. The new technology requires new skills, new attitudes and new approaches from both producers and consumers.

    • Word count: 2017
  14. What do you think is a safe distance between the car you are riding in and the car in front of you? Would you be able to stop in time to avoid an obstacle? What are some of the factors that influence stopping distance.

    In Part B2, you will investigate another important factor that influences stopping distance: the friction between the tires and road. OBJECTIVES In this investigation, you will target the following Delaware Science Performance Indicators: * Calculate the average speed (v = d/t) for an object in motion using data acquired by probe technology or other means (stopwatches, strobe photography, etc.) * Observe and describe (in qualitative terms) the motion of an object when forces acting upon that object are balanced or unbalanced.

    • Word count: 1314
  15. Design Briefs for Resistant Materials

    Design and make the jigs that would be needed to manufacture ten of the products. 4. Timepieces have been used in many cultures and throughout history both for functional and decorative reasons. They often reflect something of the culture from which they originate. Design and make a timepiece that reflects your culture or the culture of another country. 5. You have been commissioned by an Art Gallery to design a simple, single flat-pack seat for visitors, which reflects an art theme and can be batch produced.

    • Word count: 1191
  16. Aeronautical Engineer

    At A level, maths or physics is preferred. Again, equivalent qualifications are usually acceptable. Skills and Qualities necessary * You must be able to combine an analytical, logical approach with creativity and imaginations to solve problems * Engineers must be able to work as part of a team. The ability to encourage other peoples ideas is important, and you must aslope be flexible and able to compromise. You will need strong communication skills to write reports and to explain complex engineering information to people from non-technical backgrounds. * You will need organisational skills to plan your own time and to co-ordinate resources.

    • Word count: 1115
  17. Robots.- the concept of a robot this project is concerned with, the history of robots in industry, a more detailed study on the robots market and the nations that use them, the current status of the industry, and possible future trends.

    The word "robot' was coined by Karel Capek who wrote a play entitled "R.U.R." or "Rossum's Universal Robots" back in 1921. The base for this word comes from the Czech word 'robotnik' which means 'worker'. In his play, machines modeled after humans had great power but without common human failings. In the end these machines were used for war and eventually turned against their human creators. But even before that the Greeks made movable statues that were the beginnings of what we would call robots.

    • Word count: 1581
  18. The Design Process is a system for organising creative thinking. Discuss.

    The component parts in the Design Process are: foremost, responding to a need. This is a very important part of the process as it will determine right at the beginning of developing a product, whether the product is economically feasible - whether it is likely to have good selling potential. There is no point in developing a product which no-one will buy - so identifying a 'real-life problem' in need of a solution enables the designer to, initially at least, find a gap in the market - which they then try to fill.

    • Word count: 688
  19. Report On the Impact of Technology

    2.5 Spoke to people such as Remi Olatunbosun about the way technology has affected things. 3.0 FINDINGS 3.1 THE EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE EMPLOYEE 3.1.1 The effects of technology on the employee are plentiful and in this section I will tell you how technology affects the employee in the work place. An employee will have to have good skills on a computer. For example they will need to know how to use a word processor and all the basic functions of the computer like saving and loading.

    • Word count: 2086
  20. Describe the main features of the economic boom in the 1920’s

    Ford could now produce 9000 cars per day one being produced every twenty seconds. Ford produced business for other industries like the steel, rubber, glass and oil. The steel, rubber and glass were needed in the production of the car itself. This had major effects on the companies, which harvested the raw materials, manufacturing them and even down to the people who delivered them. Another business that was affected was road builders. Before now the road system wasn't that good because there was no need for it. But after a lot of money was spent on building new roads and repairing and improving old ones.

    • Word count: 724
  21. Insulation Investigation

    I think that the cotton wool will be the most effective as and insulator as the cotton wool can be best pushed together to create no gaps and fills the gap perfectly in the cavity. Prediction- I think the best insulator in this experiment will be the cotton wool. Equipment-3 Large Beakers 3 Small Beakers 3 Thermometers 1 Timer Cotton Wool Polystyrene Cork Bungs Method- We firstly prepared the beakers by placing the cork bungs in the base of the large beaker and placing on top of the cork bungs the smaller beakers.

    • Word count: 604
  22. ‘Even if computers become self-aware, they will never have anything like human souls.’ Discuss.

    a person is a human being, and cannot be anything else. However, maybe it is possible for a computer to acquire something very similar to a soul. For example, a computer may be able to have feelings, emotions, consciousness, opinions and other characteristics of human's with souls. These abilities in a computer are known as A.I. (artificial intelligence). This seems impossible with the computers of this day and age, however, if one follows the drastic improvement in technology over the last century, one can see that what we know as standard now was inconceivable years ago.

    • Word count: 688
  23. The Ideal Old Man’s Car

    We learned about the futuristic possibilities of traveling from New York to Washington (without spilling your coffee) in relatively short time. The main purpose of a Maglev vehicle is for mass transportation in a quick amount of time. After we were introduced to the Maglev vehicle in the video, we proceeded to the computer lab to peruse the Internet. On the Internet, we found a variety of current Maglev vehicles. We got to check out the various speeds and performances that these particular vehicles had. In the making are some more elite types of Maglev vehicles. Perhaps someday in the near future, there will be a Maglev line running through our very own town.

    • Word count: 1069
  24. Investigating the effects of heat treatment on metals.

    This is often caused by when atoms are missing in a layer, This is shown in figure one. Apparatus -Beaker -250 cm3 of water -Tongs -Pliers -G. Clamp -Safety googles -Heatproof mat -Two blocks of wood -Marker/felt tip pen -Ruler Method Quenching Safety requirement: Eye protection needs to be worn during this procedure Firstly with cold tap water fill up 250cm3 beaker. Secondly, the metal trip should be placed on top of the hottest part of bunsen burner. The metal should be kept there until is is seen glowing red. Once the metal has gone red, it should immediately be plunged into the previously filled beaker in step 1.

    • Word count: 1037

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