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Business Functional Areas - Cash's have three functional areas Design, Administration and Production.

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Business Functional Areas Cash's have three functional areas Design, Administration and Production. The design department is an 'in house' and aims to develop a product to match customer's specification. ...read more.


The production process is continuous 24/7 and comes after designing the main production system is called Camtex what's in the reflex program which is specifically designed for cash's to store design information such as colour, size, quantity, quality and the pattern number allocated to each design. ...read more.


There are several large Jacquard looms are computer controlled. Designs are processed by the Jacquard looms through the company's network. The looms themselves are set up manually. Administration is used for market resource taking orders and dealing with complaints from customers. All three of them work together to make Cash's a quality company and quality products. ...read more.

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