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D H W - 1 INSTALL HOT WATER SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Pound lane Marlow 1) There were no anticipated delays to know off except for materials /sanitary ware not arriving on time or arriving damaged, but the retailers assured me that the materials would arrive on time. 2) I ensured the cylinder sits in the space provided; I checked the size of the cylinder is adequate for the customer's requirements and to any future developments. I ensure all hot water outlets are currently working properly. ...read more.


6) No specialised tools were required for the job; we have all tools and connections available in the van. All materials and equipment was ordered and delivered before we commenced any work. 7) I install the system to industry standards; I replace the gate valve on the cold feed because it wasn't holding up. 8) I installed the 450mm diameter by 900mm indirect pre-lagged cylinder, (which conforms to part L of the building regulations). I also installed an immersion heater as a back-up with the main heat source being primary circulation from the boiler. 9) I also replaced the drain-off washer to avoid any future problems. ...read more.


12) I took carpets and underlay up in the bedroom where working, to ensure no damage was made to the customers property. Also ornaments were moved to another room. 13) I tested the installation, which was fine, it met all specifications which were listed, and nothing needed to be amended. 14) I had to test the temperature at hot outlets to ensure they were 35 degrees C, which I achieved by fitting a blending valve. 15) Once the installation was completed I informed my boss/supervisor, who dealt with the customer. 16) I used a propane gas bottle to soldier fittings, which I used in well ventilated areas, and used a fire-proof mat where applicable (e.g., near decorations). ...read more.

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