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Describe the Benefits of Mobile Technology.

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´╗┐Nothing is beyond human imagination. If we had been told just five years ago that we would be able to see the person on the phone, we would not have believed it at all. Today almost everything is doable thanks to the technological progress that has been made in the last 20 years. We are now able to access any kind of information at an incredible rate and communicate with people regardless of time and space with mobile technology. Despite having several drawbacks that some people are growing concerned about, mobile technology is an indispensable aspect of human life in terms of comfort and abundance of facilities it offers. ...read more.


Secondly, mobile technology has increased the speed of accessibility to sources. Humans are no longer obliged to go to libraries and flick through the pages of numerous (countless) books, journals or magazines. This means, with only one click, you can have access to a great deal of information such as articles, pictures, statistics, latest news and videos. In brief, today?s mobile technology presents a vast world where any source of information is available. Mobile technology also organizes our relations with others in both private and work life. To begin with, thanks to our laptops and mobile phones which have been made smaller and smaller in appearance, we are able to store any information we will use. ...read more.


Likewise (Similarly), we can deal with the hundreds of pages of documents on the laptop with ease instead of keeping their hard copy in many files. This, undoubtedly, facilitates our lives and we can save our invaluable time without getting exhausted. To sum up, having an advanced mobile technology has many advantages such as comfort and easiness. As a means of communication, mobile technology is a sine qua non of our daily lives and it offers a variety of facilities that make our lives easier. In my view, without advanced mobile technology, it is virtually impossible to cope with the challenges of life since it guarantees an organized and systematic life style. ...read more.

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