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Describe the main features of the economic boom in the 1920’s

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History Year 10 Coursework Describe the main features of the economic boom in the 1920's? During the 1920's the U.S.A. experienced an economic boom. This was caused by the world's newly found technology and production methods. Probably the biggest and most important of these new products was the T-Ford made by Henry Ford. He came up with the new method of manufacturing called 'THE MOVING ASSEMBLY LINE'. Now an unskilled worker would do the same job over and over again with the materials being brought to them on moving belts. Instead of the person moving to the materials with skilled workers having to put a whole car together on their own. Ford could now produce 9000 cars per day one being produced every twenty seconds. ...read more.


This was due to America having so much raw materials. Because of this new mass production prices fell form $760 in 1908 to $260. This made the car available to a lot more increasing sales and so profits. The car wasn't only new product to be invented, mass-produced and sold. Now radios became extremely popular. When the first broadcast went out in 1920 telling people of Presidents Harding's election victory on KDKA in Pittsburgh not many people heard it but by 1922 two hundred and twenty radio stations broadcasted to 3 million people. This had increased enormously to 50 million people in 1928. This again made more jobs and more money for the country. Of course though these new products were only for those people who could afford them. ...read more.


They were also said to drink illegal alcohol, and go to the cinema with boyfriends and kiss. At the time this would have been unacceptable to people of the older generation. With these new fashions women gained a lot of freedom. They now didn't have to go out with a chaperone and could smoke in pubic. In the 1920's cigarette sales doubled. They also didn't have to wear the restrictive clothing that they were used to like corsets. Not everyone succeeded because of the boom. Farmers at this time made up 25 percent of the population. But demand from Europe that they had got used to during the war disappeared out because the countries didn't want their own economies affected. In 1924 six hundred thousand farmers lost their farms. Many people also couldn't find well-paid jobs. For 12 million people the average yearly wage was $1500 well below the poverty line. By David Arnold 10A ...read more.

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