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Explain the fundamental ways in which technical textiles and smart fibres differ. Using examples explain how these two types of textiles can benefit users in the 21st century.

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Explain the fundamental ways in which technical textiles and smart fibres differ. Using examples explain how these two types of textiles can benefit users in the 21st century. A small proportion of technical textiles are manufactured from high-end fibres like Kevlar or Nomex. Most technical textiles are made from everyday fibres such as polyester, polypropylene, polyamide or acrylic. Gore-Tex® fabrics are created by laminating the Gore-Tex® membrane to high performance textiles, then sealing them with a solution for guaranteed waterproof protection. Phosphorescent textiles are a class of luminescent materials that show long-lasting bright afterglow in dark after charged by a source of light capable of exciting the material to a persistent excited state. ...read more.


The body temperature remains stable at whatever activity is being carried out. Technical textiles differ from Smart fibres due to the fact that they have different uses. Smart fibres were developed to provide functions that will respond to our bodies and protect them, whereas technical textiles already have a function and usually respond to changes in the environment. Most smart fibres aim to enhance performance, for example fastskin aims to reduce drag for swimmers and stomatex aims to maintain a stable body temperature throughout exercise, probably enabling you to work harder for longer. Technical textiles have different functions, they are widely used for their useful functions. Scotchlite if for safety, it reflects light, enabling the wearer to be seen in the dark by headlights or torches. ...read more.


Equipment like this could be lifesaving. If you are taking part in snowsports and you happen to get hurt you can communicate via the built in functions, this is particularly useful in the 21st century as many people go skiing and snowboarding off-piste and if they're not careful they may get injured, the only way for them to communicate could be via the built in communicational devices. Nomex is a registered trademark for a flame-resistant meta-aramid material developed in the early 1960's by DuPont (now Invista) and first marketed in 1967. A Nomex hood is a common piece of firefighting equipment. The hood protects the parts of the head that are no covered by the helmet and face mask from the intense heat of the fire. Most of a fire-fighter's suit would be made from Nomex ...read more.

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