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For my Design and Technology graphics project, I chose to design and build a model of a theatre because I am interested in drama and other aspects of theatre such as stage management and backstage work.

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Design and Technology G.C.S.E. Coursework Evaluation Introduction: For my Design and Technology graphics project, I chose to design and build a model of a theatre because I am interested in drama and other aspects of theatre such as stage management and backstage work. Designing: During the last 2 years I have designed and built a model of a theatre. I chose to make this particular project because I love drama and act in shows with a local theatre group twice a year at the local theatre. During these shows though, I notice a few problems. Firstly, there isn't always enough room for the audience to sit comfortably. The rows of chairs are close together, with no proper legroom. There is also often not enough seating for everybody to see the performance that they want to see, and disabled access is not very good because most theatres use steps. Another problem I have noticed is that during many shows, the orchestra overflow from the small orchestra pit into the auditorium surrounding it, due to the fact that they cannot all squeeze into the cramped space. ...read more.


From the letters I sent out and the photos I took, I began to understand the reasons that theatres are set out in the way that they are. All of the small details link together to make the theatre work. When I was carrying out my research into theatres, I encountered some problems. Although I sent 8 letters, I only received 2 replies, one of which, arrived one month later than the other. This meant, I didn't have many results to work from. When I went to theatres to take photos I also encountered many problems. One theatre I visited couldn't let me take photos of the auditorium due to security reasons, so I had to make do with pictures of the outside of the building. The second theatre I visited let me take photos, but I had to visit twice, due to the poor quality of the first set of photos I took. ...read more.


By the time I designed it, however, I had cut it down to a stage, auditorium and balcony. I think my method sheets assisted me with my making because, although I didn't stick to the order I had planned, they reminded me of what I still had to do and how to carry it out. I didn't manage to stick to my production time plan because I was too ambitious. I let my imagination run away with me and often thought that I had much more time than I actually had. Painting was one problem I had with my practical work. I did a layer of gloss paint in a pattern on the lower half of the wall. I then realised that this pattern would be too off-putting for the audience and so tried to paint one colour of matt paint on the whole wall. The area previously painted with gloss paint, however, decided to crack, and, however many layers of paint I put on top it kept cracking. I then ended up wallpapering the whole model to keep the cracks covered up. ...read more.

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