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ICT Meeting Special Needs

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ICT Meeting Special Needs In this report I am going to discuss a wide range of technologies that a person with special needs uses. I am also going to write a short evaluation about how the technology meets the needs of the person. The person I have chosen to do my report on is my Uncle. My Uncle is 45 years old and suffers from a visual impairment, which means he has a lot of difficulties in reading and looking. He has suffered from this illness through his whole life. He works as an accountant and has been doing for over 20 years. Social Life Speech recognition system My Uncle uses many technologies at home. He uses his computer with many other technologies to help him use the computer at home to check his emails and send emails, and make letters using Microsoft Word. He uses the speech recognition system to input word or to navigate the web pages. This technology is very simple to use and its 98/99% correct. ...read more.


It also allows my uncle to change the colour scheme of the magnification window for easier visibility. The font size of the magnification can also be changed in a way that suits him. The magnifier also comes free with any operating system so people who are less fortunate can own one. He also uses his speech recognition system for his personal life as this also helps him browse the internet much comfortably and he can communicate with the person his playing an online game with. Evaluative comment on personal life The magnifier plays a huge part in my uncle's personal life and the magnifier has met the need of my uncle. This technology has helped him for 6 years now and without this technology he will not be able to browse the internet and see what it says on the web pages and it would be very hard for him to have fun using his computer. With this technology he sometimes resizes the magnification depending on how small the font of the writing is. ...read more.


Evaluative comments The magnifier plays a big part in my uncle's professional life because without the screen reader it would be very hard for him to read important business letters and documents he writes. This is also good because he might need to check what he has typed out and wants to see if there are any errors in the document. The screen reader also meets the needs of my uncle because he can use it on the Internet to help him navigate and to help him check sites for his job. He has now has the screen reader for about 10 years, which means he is used to using a screen reader. The only disadvantage of having a screen reader is that sometimes the screen reader can muddle up the text because the screen reader reads the text in rows and not in columns. The special keyboard meets the needs of my uncle because it helps him see the keyboard much better as the keys are twice the size of a normal keyboard. It also helps him see clearly what letter or number he is pressing because the letters are in bold. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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