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In this part of the evaluation I have commented the good points about each sheet and also what I have done and what could I do to improve it.

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In this part of the evaluation I have commented the good points about each sheet and also what I have done and what could I do to improve it. Brief and analysis This sheet I think I have done quite well because I've evaluated the brief and analysed it and I have also planned out how I'm going to work efficiently to complete by the dead line. I could improve a bit by giving more detailed tasks to follow to successfully carry out the project. Plan of action I have made a nice flow chart to show the path that I will be following to complete the project. I have also made a table to show all the pieces of works and all the dead line for completion. I could have labelled and talked about the sheet a bit better because it's looking a bit plain. Existing Products I think I have done this sheet very well because I have a wide range of different types of lights from table to ceiling, On my descriptions I could have made it more about the style and the lamp itself because I used it mostly opinions about them. Possible / Target user Could have made a profile of my other target users eg. Family with picture I just didn't have any pictures of them to print off and use. Also it looks a bit dull so a bit more annotations it would look good. I did a nice spider diagram and questionnaire and I managed to find a target user and completed everything so I didn't do that badly. ...read more.


I have cover 4 types but to make it better I could have design a bit more and also do it allot neater and in colour. This I a good piece but I needed to have more input from other people to make it allot better. Construction This sheet I have drawn a plan of how my lamp is going to construct. If you follow it closely it will successfully construct my lamp. I could have made it neater to make it easier to follow because it is cluttered because I tried to fit it all on one sheet. But I think this sheet is good and do all it needs to. Orthographic drawing On 2D design I have made an orthographic drawing of my lamp. This sheet covers all the aspects of a orthographic drawing and is very neat and tidy. So I think this sheet is well done. CAD/CAM This piece talks about CAD/CAM and all the advantages it can bring to designing and manufacturing a product. I've talked about what I have used it for to. This completes all I need to do for it I have described the features of the CAD/CAM well and is neat and tidy Plan of making This sheet shows everything I am going to do to make my lamp. From the bare materials to the finished product. This is descriptive and shows exactly how to make my lamp and all the tools needed, This sheet is very well planned. ...read more.


This stopped me from making anything for a few days because it interrupted my making process so I had to make up for it by working faster when it was in service. This shows that I the manufacturing business anything could happen and interrupt the making process and that could lead to major problems and loss of money or job. Was the planning and drawings adequate? I think I could have done with a bit more time planning the project first because I thought it was a bit rushed at the end especially the design could have been improved. The designing was quite good but I am hopeless at drawing so all the design are really poor. How would I tackle it again if I had the same or similar projects given to me? If I had another project given to me I would have concentrated on the research and design work allot more because I found it was rushed this time round. I would do nearly the same process as I did this time but I would improve the standard of planning allot more and also plan out date what is going to be done when for the whole project. What have I learnt throughout the project? I have learnt allot from doing this project. I have learnt: o How to use CAD/CAM o How to design correctly for a big project. o How to model properly o How to research in a project in technology correctly o ETC... My finished product has complied by all the client's specification and he is very pleased with the prototype. ...read more.

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