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My aim for this project is to design and construct a fully functioning alarm clock.

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A2 Electronics Alarm Clock By Abdul Wali Chowdhury Alarm Clock Aim My aim for this project is to design and construct a fully functioning alarm clock. Investigation To construct the alarm clock I had to investigate two factors, how bright the seven-segment display would be and how loud the alarm would sound. To find out the brightness of the seven-segment display I used a light level meter and placed the blackout tube over a powered seven-segment display, the light level meter read 0.80 lux. To find out how loud the alarm would be I used a sound detector, my mobile and a meter ruler. I placed the sound detector one meter away from my mobile; the volume of my mobile was set to its highest, the sound meter read 87 DB. This is a reasonable sound level and I would like my alarm to sound somewhere near this number. I had very little experience with micro controllers, so to get to grips with the coding and wiring up of the micro controller I decided to make something similar to how I would make the Alarm Clock but much simpler like making one seven segment display count from 0 to 9. Below is the pin out for the circuit. Below is the code I used. Dim T As Long Dim I As Integer Out $3a , $ff Do For I = 0 To 9 Out $3b , I For T = 1 To 100000 Next T Next I Loop By doing this investigation it enabled me to have a clearer idea of how I would design and make my Alarm Clock. ...read more.


F = 1.44 (R1 = 2R2) C F = 700 Hz C = 1000 nf R2 = 10K ? R1 =? Rearrange the formulae to find R1 R1 = 1.44 - 2R2 FC R1 = 1.44 - 20K ? 700Hz X 100nf R1 = 571? 560 ? is the nearest value resistor Code used to set alarm and stop alarm Dim A As Integer Dim B As Integer Dim Mu As Integer Dim Mt As Integer Dim Hu As Integer Dim Ht As Integer Dim C As Integer Dim Amu As Integer Dim Amt As Integer Dim Ahu As Integer Dim Aht As Integer Dim Setalarm As Integer Dim Alarmstop As Integer Dim Settime As Integer Out $34 , $ff Out $3a , $ff Out $31 , $ff Out $37 , $e0 Ht = 0 Hu = 0 Mt = 0 Mu = 0 Do Mu = Mu + 1 For C = 0 To 59 If Ht = 2 And Hu = 4 Then Hu = 0 Ht = 0 End If B = Ht * 16 B = B + Hu Out $3b , B A = Mt * 16 A = A + Mu Out $35 , A Settime = Inp($36) Settime = Settime And $01 If Settime => 0 Then Settime = Inp($36) Settime = Settime And $07 If Settime = 3 Then Mu = Mu + 1 If Settime = 5 Then Mu = Mu - 1 End If If Mu = 10 Then Mu = 0 Mt = Mt + 1 End If If Mt = 6 Then Mt = 0 Hu = Hu + 1 End If If Hu = ...read more.


Once powered up I am able to set the time accordingly with ease by holding down the Set time button and pressing the up/down button, set the alarm by holding down the Set alarm button and pressing the up/down button. When the alarm is trigged the sound level (90 dB) is loud enough to wake a person up from sleep and can be easily switched off by pressing the Stop alarm button. The time is accurate to 100% and is erasable to read. Overall I am pleased with my system as it is fully functioning and meets all of my requirements. Limitations and modifications I have found that my system is limited in one way, which is that the seconds of the time are not displayed. This was not part of my specification but if I were to redo my project I would have added this point to the specification. This is easily doable by adding two more seven segment displays and a bit more coding, which would be very similar to the one I have done. Evaluation of final system I am pleased with the outcome of my project. It meets all the specification requirements. After carrying out the testing of the whole system I have found that I am able to set the time and alarm accordingly, stop the alarm once it is triggered. The loudness of the alarm is 90dB which is in the boundaries of 85dB - 95dB. All the seven segment displays have the brightness of above 0.80 lux. The hours and minutes are clearly visible. The system works from a range of power supplies and the clock is 100%accurate Abdul Wali Chowdhury Alarm Clock A2 Electronics Coursework ...read more.

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