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Target location technology, tracking systems.

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Target location technology Technologies used: Today there are many differing forms of tracking systems that can be used to locate targets accurately very much different to the simple procedures used on aircraft in world war two. One of these technologies is symbology. These are imaged laid over the real world images. The images give target position and other relevant information such as the planes heading. The images change as quickly as the real world view change, there is no visible delay as this could have fatal consequences. The target is clear and weapons can easily be directed to the correct point. The guidance images are displayed in the pilot's head-mounted display. These are developed at BAE systems, and their design is critical due to the setting they are used in. The headsets are linked to a powerful and accurate computer that works very quickly to update the view almost instantly and to give warnings about dangerous situations. ...read more.


This technology can be found on the patriot missile, which is aimed at incoming missiles. The system depends on ground-based radar that locates and tracks targets however this technology could be developed to fit on an aircraft like the sidewinder missile. This is a very long ranging and variable system. It can run automatically or an operator can intervene if necessary but these need to be very accurate due the speed the missiles travel at. The radar antenna can scan the sky, identify targets, determines aim and positioning of target, gives information and can help direct the missile to the target even when missile has been launched. Two operators watch the progress of the missiles, they can then change things if necessary such as deselecting targets. One form of missile has its own in-built guidance computer and radar transmitter allowing it to guide itself. ...read more.


2) The systems are often dependent on a computer. These are continually made more and more reliable. However if they were to go wrong the pilots and new target could be put in a fatal situation. For example if the night vision with simbology was operating too slowly then the pilot could easily fly into a mountain or fire a missile at a wrong target. 3) The technology works quickly and accurately and so can be used in many situations to protect and attack targets. This means the technology adds to the safety of the users and the civilians near the target area. 3) The new technology would need people to be trained to be able to operate the systems. If a person puts on a headset and does not know what the lines and boxes mean they be useless at controlling it. However the training takes time to be done safely this will cost money but is necessary for the technology to be used Voirrey Fermor Task 4 Cornwallis School 3044 Centre number: 61705 ...read more.

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