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Uses For Polymers - my bullet proof vest design.

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Block-Tex Chloride Produced by Paulos Zerezghi Introduction Greetings. My name is Paulos Zerezghi and I have now invented a feature which may change the world. I have been inspired to create this due to all the wars and crimes in our world today. My creation is Full Bullet-Proof Clothing. I have combined casual clothing which may be also used for the military. This is an original idea which has not been created. This Bullet-Proof clothing would be fully-compatible for police, security and military and also ordinary citizens who may be in need of secured clothing for safety reasons. My revolutionary invention will be named Block-Tex or scientific name Block-Tex Chloride. The chloride from my invention, is formed when the element chlorine ? a halogen picks up one electron to form an anion. My creation has upgraded the classic ?bulletproof vest? which has been worn by different forms of security at the moment. I believe that this soon will not be the case. The full Block-Tex jacket is super-light weighing at only 115g allowing people to run and walk easier which may be very useful for police and the military. Also, Block-Tex clothing will provide tough material to prevent bullets penetrating through. Amazingly, Block-Tex even prevents blades piercing through and shrapnel from explosions. ...read more.


to run fast and long distances without problems what so ever. Also, due to Block-Tex?s casual availability, it can be easier worn anywhere and everywhere without the need of support. To continue, my product is efficient as it is biodegradable. The meaning of the term, biodegradable, is that when the polymer finally becomes of no use, it can be broken down and completely dissolved and destroyed. This is a good quality of my polymer and helps the environment unlike supermarket bags which takes hundreds of years to break down and destroy. Uses of Block-Tex Block-Tex may have many difference uses. It may be to be safe warzones. Personally, I believe that crime is a factor that you can be safe from. In many areas around the world like Columbia and Iran where gun crime could be featured in their daily basis. Block-Tex can prevent gun crime as my product is strong enough to thwart a 50-calibre magnum to a SPAS-12 shotgun and even a thrown butterfly knife to the torso. Block-Tex can support soldiers in warzone countries like Afghanistan and Somalia where landmines are placed and gunshots are fired. Block-Tex may not fully support soldiers from a mine, but gives them a higher chance of survival. My product can save lives, so why wouldn?t you buy it? ...read more.


If the toxic fibres enter your skin, it may cause irritation and minor scratching, but does not trigger allergic reactions or create allergic reactions. From the knowledge of experimenting on mice, Block-Tex has been proven to be non-toxic when swallowed. However, dust from the product may be harmful for those who suffer asthma (if swallowed) as it may trigger it and cause allergies. Oil Loss? Block-Tex are thinking of possible solutions for when oil reserves run out. When oil does run out, it will for sure effect our business hard as crude oil is a major factor for manufacturing this product. The polymer is alternated and synthesized. Crude oil is the beginning of the creation of Block-Tex and the ?spring? of where requirements are found. Hydrocarbons are featured in crude oil, which is the vast reason why crude oil is used. Crude Oil is found in the ground where it is tunnelled and mined out. It is major use of our technology today. However, many sources have found that crude oil will finish in less than a dozen years due to our overuse. This will be a major setback and will force us to use alternatives. Nuclear power may be an alternative in the near future due to it?s reliability, efficiency and environmental-friendly factors. However, there are weaknesses. Nuclear waste would be a problem as it is unknown what to do with it and power stations of nuclear are expensive to build, not fitting most countries budget. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevlar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletproof_vest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crude_oil ...read more.

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