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What is Design? (Victor papaneck's views)

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What is Design? (Victor papaneck's views) One of Victor Papaneck's books concentrates on the element of 'Design'; in this book he gives his opinion, definitions and some facts based on design. Below I have taken and supported some of Papaneck's views (given in the chapter 'what is design?'). In this supporting essay, I have tried to back up Papaneck's views with opinions from other people. Papaneck's main definition of design that he gives in this chapter is "Design is the conscious effort to impose meaningful order". Everyone has a different definition of design however most of them are similar. ...read more.


"The mode of action by which a design fulfils its purpose is its function". "All men are designers. All that we do, almost all the time, is design, for design is basic to all human activity" "Design as a problem solving activity can never, by definition, yield the one right answer: it will always produce an infinite number of answers, some 'righter' and some 'wronger' The 'rightness' of any design solution will depend on the meaning with which we invest the arrangement". This point Papaneck has made can be backed up by a similar view from William R. ...read more.


"Should I design it to be functional or to be aesthetically pleasing? This is the most heard, the most understandable, the most mixed up question in design today. Do you want it to look good, or to work? ". William R. Miller touches on this question in his article about design he said, "The design process is not limited, as so many of us have been lead to believe, to that narrow class of objects or events that are supposed to have some sort of special 'aesthetic' appeal. Any entity can be designed, that is, can be created with intent and purpose. The total thought process encompassing the creation of that entity, the process that gives it its form, be it physical, temporal, conceptual, or relational is design". ...read more.

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