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Why is quality important for a business?

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Why is quality important for a business? The quality of the product that is being made is very important to a company what ever they are making. The higher the quality if a product the more the company can charge for that product. If the company makes a low quality produced that is not very good people will not buy it, also if people can find a similar product at a lower price and higher quality they will buy that. When a business makes a product they must decide on the following things: � what is the lowest level of quality that is acceptable for the product? � who is responsible for the quality control � a method of quality control that will be used that dose not effect the cost to severally What is the BSI? The BSI (British Standards Insatiate) is responsible for setting standards that products must be made to. They set standards for very product that is made, this means that products are made to a high standard. When a product complies with the BSI standards it is given a kite mark, this tells the consumer that product meets their standards. Methods of quality control Methods of quality control Traditional TMQ (Total quality management) Description In this method of quality control, the quality is checked at the end of chain of production. In this method it left to one person to check the product. Also in this method the workers on a piece rate so they got paid for what they made. ...read more.


This is because a computer-controlled machine can be reset for a different product much quicker then the old traditional method. This means that one production line can be used to make more then one product, which will increase the amount of money that could be brought in 5.1.4. Better worker productivity: The new technology may allow each worker to produce more. 5.2. Are there nay advantages to workers 5.2.1. As most of the production will be done by machines that are more advanced the working condition will improve. The production line will be quieter, and much more worker friendly. The new technology may also remove all of the tedious jobs, or jobs in harsh environments 6. Is their any thing that we should considered when buying 6.1. Before we purchase any new technology we must carry out research to find out what we need, and who can supply it. If this is does wrong 5then it could be a very costly mistake. 7. Overall is new technology and just in time production good 7.1. These new methods are very important for our company to stay completive with other companies. There may be a high cash input at the start but this would be repaid over a certain period of time. The company cannot afford not to implement these new technologies other wise it will find it hard to compete. Task4 Why is keeping the correct amount of stock important? If a company does not use the TQM of production it will use the traditional method, in this method stock control is important. ...read more.


The whole saler will also save the manufacture storage space. As the products are finished they are sent to the whole saler straight away this saves a lot of space, as they do not need to spend money on storage space. The whole saler mat give advice to the retailer about the product. This saves a lot on money for the whole saler, as they do not have to this. The whole saler may also carry out the promotion that saves the manufacture money. When selecting which channel to use the following must be considered? When a manufacture is trying to select the best method of distribution they must look at the following: If the product is perishable very quickly the goods must be available to a wide range of shops show that it can be sold very quickly How often is the product purchased, if it is brought on a daily basis the it should also be available in a wide range of shops. A very good example is newspapers that are sold daily. People do not want to travel far for a paper Is the product sold to normal customers or producers? If the product needs lots of technical back up then it would be sold direct. This is because the manufacture will be able to provide the best technical backup. Where are the people you are selling to if they are over a wide area then you use retailers, if they were all in one area then you would sell direct The cost of product if the product costs lots of money then you will sell in retail shops where there are well of people. ...read more.

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