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3. How did group skills contribute to the development of the drama?

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3. How did group skills contribute to the development of the drama? As a group we connected well and worked equally as hard throughout the process. We all researched ideas for the play, sometimes others finding more useful information than others. We all were available and willing to rehearse, sometimes others being more enthusiastic than others. At no time during our rehearsing did we have a disagreement, we all were willing to listen and cooperate. As a group we worked really cohesively and we all encouraged each other to explore physicality in a Brechtian style. Even though we helped each other with characters, overall it was individually that we worked on our characters. Honestly, I think that a lot of the work we did was together and a lot of ideas would come from when we were working as a group. ...read more.


One of our scenes is mostly based on a dream she had, which is the scene with the showman and showgirls. Nicola made a slideshow of a mail order bride website that we used in our play and also put together the director's notes for the programme. Catherine was always open to any character, and used a wide range of vocals for her characters. Catherine played a doll and an answering machine during the play and was really successful creating the vocals for these characters. Sometimes she lacked confidence in her characters but as a group we helped by using different drama games and techniques, this also benefited us to explore our characters. Catherine organised props for the group to use, she brought in the box which was a vital part of our set and also helped with script writing and the programme. ...read more.


As a group we all found costume, we rehearsed together in our spare time and made our props together. We made the doll box together and the Brecht style banners. During the play we would all help making sure everything was in place and we could rely on each other for everything to run smoothly. The only technical faults we had during the play were due to the people who were doing the lighting and sound, but as a group we built our confidence up and tried to overcome the mistake. We all thought about the set together and it just built up over the rehearsal period. I was really pleased with the group I was put in and felt that the growth of our relationship over the rehearsal period really helped our performance in the end. ?? ?? ?? ?? Olivia Lewis ...read more.

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