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Acting Lessons

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Acting Lessons Ever since I was five and saw "Top Gun", I'd wanted to be an actress. I admired actors' charisma and glamour, their ability to light up a room, and the way they always looked poised and cool. But as I grew up, I discovered that actors' lives were not as fantastic and exciting as I had imagined. The fantasy world that I believed existed for actors had started to fade. I was never a popular kid in school, so there were not many people who were close to me. This put me in a situation where I could only rely on myself for entertainment, so I started to watch movies. ...read more.


They took trips to faraway lands I had never heard of, walked on red carpets wearing dazzling outfits, and always looked their best, even if they only went out for a burger at McDonald's. When I became an adolescent, I started to realize the truth: Actors' lives were not always perfect and sophisticated. They had trials and pain like I did, and perhaps even more, because their lives were scrutinized by the entire world at all times. One mistake is all it takes to get them on the cover of the National Enquirer. As this was happening, I finally started having friends that did not look at me through a television screen. ...read more.


I could trip, fall, and stand up again, and only those close to me would know the hardships I was going through. They would not criticize or reproach me, but they would provide me with advice and support. I am still a huge movie buff today. I admire actors' ability to make me like the good girl, and have an aversion towards the bad guy. I want to earn their salaries and take trips to exotic lands, but I do not want to be an actress anymore. My privacy is worth much more than ten million dollars. I know now that I do not have to be rich and famous to be loved and accepted, and that I do not need a house in New York and Hollywood to be happy. ...read more.

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