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Aliens - Micro

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Aliens - Micro James Cameron creates atmosphere in a key sequence in 'Aliens' using cinematography, editing, sound, special effects and mise-en-scene. The scene opens with one of the protagonists, Corporal Hicks, telling his troops what he managed to 'salvage from the APC', this dialogue is of a military style, and emphasizes the professional nature of the characters. This idea of military professionalism is reinforced by the costumes worn by the characters e.g. bullet proof jackets and bullet belts etc, these make the audience feel protected as if they are in 'safe hands'. Whilst the marines are hunched over a table, the camera is positioned looking over the shoulder of one of them, giving the audience a chance to 'be there' with them. This allows the audience to connect with the characters and to feel what they feel. The space marines seem rough and independent because they all have personalized amour, which may make the audience feel a little uneasy as they may feel the marines are risk takers. ...read more.


The medium shot of Ripley following Bishop with her eyes embodies this mistrust and suspicion to the audience. Vasquez and Hudson set up two large guns down a long, dark tunnel to stop the aliens from getting past them and into the area where the crew are. Vasquez shouts 'Testing!' and then hurls a wastebasket down the tunnel, into the automatic fire from the guns. The realistic CGI gives the audience a visual thrill as well as reinforcing the sci-fi action genre of the film. The tunnel is closed of by a large steel door; the camera is positioned at a low angle to emphasize the sense of security as they are sealed tightly in. however this feeling of safety is in direct contrast to Hudson's nervous pacing up and down whilst Vasquez seals the door. As the team makes the complex more secure, there is a jump cut to outside the building, which is a contrast to the secure feeling inside; the wind has died utterly and in the even more eerie stillness a diffuse mist has rolled in to shroud the complex which is typical of the sci-fi horror genre. ...read more.


Ripley enters Newts room later on and finds her sleeping on the floor underneath the bed, which makes the audience feel sorry for Newt as it is evident she was scared and wanted to feel secure, which is what the other crew members feel as well, however crawling under a bed won't make them feel protected. Ripley sleeps beside Newt again mimicking a parent-child relationship. There is a soft orange hue which creates a feeling of safety, which is ironic as when Ripley wakes, she sees the empty specimen jars, meaning the aliens are inside the room. A shot reverse shot shows Ripley looking at the jars (a point of view shot) and then back, which allows the audience to view her reaction as well as being in her position. This creates a tense frightened atmosphere for the audience as they feel how Ripley feels. By using cinematography, editing, sound, special effects and mise-en-scene, James Cameron successfully creates a tense and atmospheric ambiance in this scene from Aliens. Asher Garside Final word count - 909 ...read more.

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