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An Essay on a Performance

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An Essay on a Performance This piece of work is based on a section of script from a play. The segment is part of a play called 'Split Down the Middle' by David Campton. The segment is a duologue that is about two girls (Josie and Fran) who are on a works outing. The scene is set in a rowing boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by fog. Problems cumulate, when a small whole is discovered, and the boat is realised to be sinking! We liked this idea as we thought it was a good script that was well written and suited to the abilities of myself and the other girls in the scene. We liked the humorous dialogue and the situation of the script. The ages and respective temperament of the characters we though suited us, and we enjoyed reading the script together. There are two characters in the script. ...read more.


However, she is totally unfazed by the aspect of death, and in the end, ahs to turn the comforter, and consoler of Josie when she has a complete breakdown. We got Fran's character the same way we got Josie's. I played the part of Fran. To set the scene, we paced two chairs together in the centre of the stage. This was to represent the bench on the rowing boat. We chose to use minimal props because we thought that would be easier and more effective than having some props, but not very many. The idea of swaying as if the boat was on the open seas was discussed, but we abandoned it as we though it would be very difficult to sustain, and it would ruin the simplicity of the scene. In my opinion the best scene in the play is the last scene where Fran and Josie reconcile and sit in peace. ...read more.


However, I calmed down once I was in the theatre. The piece had to be performed slightly different to the way we did in rehearsals as we were used to rehearsing in quite a small room, and now we had to do it in a theatre. We had to project our voice considerably more than we were used to, and also had to act to a much larger audience. The audience were very helpful, as they found the scene quite funny in all the correct places, and not in places that it wasn't meant to be funny. They also applauded at the right time, and gave encouragement. I think that this piece worked mostly, as we managed to create a good focus between us. We did not forget our words, and built a successful atmosphere. Though we felt nervous, we managed to perform the scene successfully. I think that we did the script justice, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Charlotte Seward 28/04/02 1 ...read more.

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