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As a director outline some of your ideas for a production of 3 sisters.

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As a director outline some of your ideas for a production of 3 sisters 3 sisters is a play revolved around hopes, dreams and ambitions. Some of them come true others work out differently for each of the characters in the play. As a director for this play I would try and make every point made by Chekhov stand out, to be spelt out for the audience, and over-exaggerate the play to some degree. I would like the play to be darker than most productions of the play, as I said spell everything out, the mood of the house changes so, through the play the lighting darkens to show state and mood of things getting worse until finally at the end of the play the scene is set in a bright garden outside of the house. Also through out the play the surroundings enclose on the characters, to show their problems not going away but growing out of proportion. ...read more.


By the window stands a table with 2 chairs, in the middle there's 2 sofas made of wood with red seating. To the right of that is the door and the fireplace, on the floor in the middle of the room is an old expensive looking rug. Just behind the pillars there is the dining room, where a long mahogany table stretches sideways on, so that we can see the table being laid out by Anfisa seen in act one. Also in the dining room to the right will be a second door/entrance to the set. Through out the play to represent time I thought that the window could some how be designed to set a shadow on the clock, so that the shadow acts as a sundial exaggerating the time scenario, also the clock could be faulty and click louder than normal every now and again, so that when that happens the actors can cast a quick glance at it showing they are aware of the clock at ...read more.


Chebutykin will be standing to the left hand side of the dining table with Tuzenbakh, and Solyoni to the right of them by Tuzenbakh but avoiding looking at him to show some discomfort around him. Solyoni and Chebutykin retreat to the main room and split up leaving Tuzenbakh on his own, leaning against a pillar just looking in on the rest. This signifies he is unsure of what to do and that he is an outsider. Chebutykin walks to Irina slowly and relaxed he sits down as he kisses Irina's hand. During this Anfisa is setting the table and glancing around every now and again. Masha is on one sofa reading her book her hat is on her knees, she is balancing her shoe on the end of her toe. So that she is relaxed but not at home, I want to make the audience see this as if they are a fly on the wall so they can get into it more, in the rest of the theatre I would have the audience over lap into the theatre. Simon Oxberry ...read more.

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