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AS Theatre Studies Yerma

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AS Theatre Studies Yerma - Homework How would you perform the role of Juan in Acts 1 and 2 in order to convey your interpretation of his character to your audience? Plan Introduction Para 1: Audience response What you want to demonstrate to the audience Para 2: Physical qualities for role, age, build, posture, gait Facial features, vocal qualities, costume Paras 3-5: Delivery of lines, pace, pitch, pause, accent Interaction with other characters and audience Eye contact, spatial relationships, body language Conclusion Answer As a performer, I aim to perform Juan in various ways in order to convey my interpretation of him to my audience. I think he would be tall because this would symbolise his high status as a man in a Spanish village in the 1930s and his authority as a husband. I feel that he would be athletic in build for similar reasons. I believe he would be in his late thirties because the play gives the sense that he has been married for years "It's been years". He would have short, straight, dark brown hair and deep set dark eyes because this will give him an aura of power. In Act 1 Scene 1, Juan has an exchange with his wife. ...read more.


I will cast an appealing glance at the audience because it would be effective if I introduced audience interaction when playing the role. In Act1 Scene 2, I would creep onto the stage in a furtive way delivering the line "What are you doing here?" in an accusatory tone because this want the audience to be slightly more critical of him, having sympathised with him in the previous scene. I would raise my eyebrows on delivery of the line "Why aren't you at home? You should be home by now." I believe Juan would mutter the line "Oh fine/just the way to start people talking". I will deliver calmly the line "No I will be working outside tonight" and glance at Yerma with concern n delivery of the line "You go to bed/get some sleep" because this will add to the subtlety of emotions portrayed. In Act 2 Scene 1, I would avoid Yerma's eyes when delivering the line "Someone's got to watch the sheep". I would do so because I think that Juan feels slightly guilty about asking his sisters to keep an eye on Yerma despite the fact that he is within his rights to do so as her husband. I will deliver in an agitated tone the line "You think that's how I feel, peaceful?" ...read more.


In the final scene, I think Juan will deliver the line "I listened" calmly as he steps out from behind the cart. I would look grave and deliver the line "I have things to say as well as you" in a serious tone. I would grip Yerma's hands when delivering the line "I want you/not children/you". I think he would try and help her up gently, delivering with clarity the line It's not our fault/we're not to blame". I will firmly though kindly deliver the line "Isn't life easier without children". In order to portray Juan's anger I ill strike my forehead with my fist and shout "Didn't you hear what I said? /It's not important any more". I would speak softly "Give up" and "accept it". I can hold her hand when delivering the line "We have each other/I'll care for you/you'll care for me" in a soothing tone, pulling her gently into an embrace and kissing her with passion "like this/and this/and this". I believe Juan would start back in horror at her shriek and give her a dazed look as she strangles him. So, this is how I would enact the role in order to portray Juan as a complex character who should be sympathised with despite his role as a man of higher status than a woman in the 1930s. ...read more.

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