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Bouncers - Contextualising the Play

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Bouncers Contextualising the Play John Godber was born the son of a miner in Upton, West Yorkshire in 1956. He became a very successful playwright with popular plays such as 'On the Piste' and 'Up n' Under' and TV shows like Grange Hill and Brookside. He is known most for his comedy but he has shown in a number of his productions that he includes seriousness alongside comedy for optimum effect. His plays are performed all over the world and have won many awards including five at the Edinburgh fringe festival. However, for some, Bouncer's is regarded as Godber's finest work. The inspiration of which came from a club called Kiko's in Pontefract- it had the added bonus of having fake palm trees on the dance floor! As a political play, we see Bouncers as being quite prominent in that it was published whilst the famed 'drinking culture' of Britain was being hyped up to an unprecedented level. Obviously, like nowadays, the government wanted to stamp out what was a big problem. ...read more.


Teenage pregnancies are another one. Drinking is intrinsically linked with subjects such as this, which make the subject even more important and interesting. The play is culturally important because it is so English. There are very few countries in the world with the same problems of drink that Britain encounters every year. It is a huge problem that causes death, pregnancies, crime and much more. It is even more prevalent to our country today because of the even bigger problems we face. Therefore when we see that Bouncers has been translated into many different languages, for example, in French they call it 'Les Videurs', it makes you think about how a director would change it. If you were going to set about transporting the meaning of the play into different cultures, it would be extremely difficult in my opinion. Other countries in Europe just wouldn't understand the way of thinking that Bouncer's puts across. The 16 beers that the lads have in the pubs and clubs might look a bit out of place in a European theatre. ...read more.


It doesn't help our society when we have people like Jordan, Prince Harry and even Ewan Blair getting drunk regularly in the public eye. Whilst we see people like these have an effect on teens today, in Godber's time he would have seen the beginning of the problems snowball throughout his life. You can only address the problem like Godber has done and bring it further into the limelight; you can't stop it with one play. For me, the play is probably even more prominent today than for any other generation beforehand. The problem has really come to a cross roads at which we need to deal with it properly. As Godber shows in the play, it is not really the fact that they get so drunk and out of control, it is the fact that they go out there for the soul reason to get really drunk. He shows us that in order to get rid of the problem, you need to firstly address the way in which people think of alcohol before seeing the next generations outlook's change. ...read more.

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