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Character played by the real Mr Kipps

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Character played by the real Mr Kipps Adjustment in Posture Adjustment in Movement Adjustment in voice Keckwick : the horse and cart driver, father was killed in accident linked to the woman in black. For this character Mr Kipps wore a brown coat and a dark scarf, the scarf was wrapped around his lower face (mouth , nose ) he also wore a hat pulled down over his forehead and eyebrows. These pieces of clothing made his face barely visible and only his eyes could be seen clearly. This created an enigma about Keckwick's identity. The actor playing Mr Kipps used the basket on stage to pose as a horse and cart, the actor illustrated the action of the horse and cart by bouncing up and down on the basket. We do not see this character off this horse and cart, but whilst Mr Kipps plays Keckwick he sits very straight backed in his chair with his legs crossed loosely at the ankles, and his arms stiffly held out miming the action of holding reigns. ...read more.


The actor also squinted his eyes while looking over his glasses, this helped to illustrate his age by creating the stereotypical "old man" who was feeble physically and losing his sight, yet proud and persevering with life. Whilst the actor was moving he seemed to be much debilitated as he was sitting throughout the main scene. In comparison to many of the other actors in the play who rely on movement to illustrate actions. The actor also seemed frail while moving as many of his movements were performed using his arms that were stretched out rigidly, this created the illusion of an older man who was run down and tired, like a rusty robotic machine. Jerome was also trembled which added to the effect, it also relates the element of fear that the character would have suffered from his past involving "the women in black". This character did not move a lot but this was also contributed to the affect of an old and frail man. ...read more.


As the other characters played by this actor are quite individual in posture ,Tomes did not have such an impact as he was neutral in posture. The actor playing Tomes moved , swiftly and uniformly. This illustrated a sense of service that Tomes was providing to Mr Kipps by helping him out. The movements were strong, the actor kept his legs and arms straight while walking and standing. All of Tomes' movements were consistent and did not change much throughout the play. I think that this illustrates how Tomes was masking his fear and attempting to get on with his life by being of use and being cautious. The actor playing Tomes used a cockney accent for this character, Tomes' voice was fairly loud and bellowing as he spoke. I think that this is what made Tomes' character interesting and this compensated for the neutral elements in Tomes' posture and movement. I think that this helped to illustrate the fear that Tomes' was concealing and bottling up. *- ...read more.

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