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Chicken Run - Review.

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Media - film (Chicken Run) Essay The filmmakers of Chicken Run used presentational devices to reveal the good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy. These devices include camera shots, character body language, lighting, expression, colour, design, costumes and the character's tone of voice. In this essay I shall evaluate this statement by discussing the Mise en Scene and prove that this is true. The audience can see that Mrs. Tweedy is an overpowering, strong character when the camera shows a low angle, medium shot where Ginger looks up at Mrs. Tweedy for the first time. The audience can also see that Ginger fears Mrs. Tweedy from her facial expression. This is enhanced because the light shines brightly on her face showing that she is scared. Mrs. Tweedy's costumes, makeup and her style make her look quite evil. They are all dark colours and her hairstyle is a tight bun behind her head making her look like she has authority. Ginger wears a green, woolen hat, which makes her look friendly, homely and motherly. In role call, Mrs. Tweedy begins walking towards Babs who fears the worst after Edwina's fate, knowing she has not laid the required amount of eggs. Ginger holds her hand to comfort her as Mrs. Tweedy approaches. Mrs. Tweedy is presented here marching along silently and slapping her gloves into her hands. ...read more.


Consequently this does not mean she has not got a feminine side, on more than one occasion she sits down and cries to herself. Rocky is seen to affect her emotionally; her emotions are for him are extremely high. He makes her angry at points with his silly ideas and stupid expressions, "I'm a lone free ranger!" when he unexpectedly leaves however, Ginger is brought to her knees and maybe this is what makes her realise her feelings for him. However she still would not let anyone else know. Mrs. Tweedy has her hands on her hips or behind her back a lot, it shows her big, black boots when she goes into the chicken farm. She rubs her hands together and she is tall and skinny, this shows that she has authority because she towers over everyone. Her eyes roll back when Mr. Tweedy is talking to her about nothing, she is mean and horrible to everyone, she is always scowling and the animator wants a negative feeling between her and the other characters by using animosity, this shows that everyone on the farm fears her. It also links into the audience reacting in a way that shows they dislike Mrs. Tweedy. Mr. Tweedy is a long-suffering husband at the hands of Mrs. Tweedy and she does not really care about is feelings, "They're only chicken you dolt!" ...read more.


The audience always sees Mrs. Tweedy always in a low angle shot and this shows us that she is an over-ruling character. Near to the end when Mrs. Tweedy falls in the 'chicken pie' machine one can argue that Mr. Tweedy does not save Mrs. Tweedy because either he realises she got a taste of her own medicine or that her was afraid that she would blame him. At the end when all the chickens are free the sun comes up and the audience can see a medium close up of Ginger and she is pleased. The filmmakers use anthropomorphism with the chickens, this means that they look similar to and act like humans. This helps the audience a lot because if they acted like chickens without props they would not really know what the characters were like. The filmmakers also depersonalize Mrs. Tweedy by making her dislike everyone and everything, she also has a negative feeling around her all the time, this is called animosity. The filmmakers do not just use the character's speech and the plot to show what the characters are like; they use everything from facial expression to the movement of feet. The filmmakers use the character's looks and how they act and react. Also the settings help to see who is evil and who is good. In conclusion to this we can see that Ginger is the good character and Mrs. Tweedy is the evil character in the film. ...read more.

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