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Comedy Analysis. The sketch comedy group performing consisted on three students from UC San Diego in Interrobang which consisted of 4 sketches.

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Ben Curtis Com 351 4/27/05 Interrobang Ltd. The session I attended was held on April 14, at 4pm. The sketch comedy group performing consisted on three students from UC San Diego in ?Interrobang? which consisted of 4 sketches. The interrobang ??!? is a nonstandard punctuation mark, usually meant either to express disbelief or to convey a sense of excitement about the question being asked. They comically spoke about how ?Interrobang? is a San Diego based humorological research institution, whose goal is to rigorously analyze comedy and reproduce it under laboratory conditions. They build their sketches through scientifically rigorous humor logical studies, and they are presenting their most successful results. ...read more.


Each sketch incorporated different methods of how to make us laugh, they uses variation on a theme, comedy without jokes, beginning at the end, and sustainability. They talked about how in sketch comedy you first come up with a premise, you start with your seedling idea and you grow the tree into however many laughs the joke is going to last. But in ?the dinner? sketch they used the technique of starting first with the punch line of the joke. With humor you can start at any point, comedy has its high points and its low points, in the comedic process you don?t have to start on a premise and end on a punch line. ...read more.


In the final series of sketches they use one theme ? two men sitting next to each other in the waiting room at a doctors office, and a women enters the scene and has a baby on the waiting room floor.? They make only one joke and then kept on making the same joke but just in a different ways and it got funnier and funnier, here they use variation on a theme. In addition to humor, they explored language and communication. They talked about how their main method for coming up with a lot of their jokes, was doing improvisation while hanging out on a normal day to day basis. I enjoyed their live show very much, and would definitely go seem them again. ...read more.

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