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Commentary for two language production pieces: Mills & Boon and tabloid article.

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Commentary for two language production pieces: Mills & Boon and tabloid article The audience of my Mills & Boon romance is people who like to read romance novels. The purpose is to entertain, and the form is an extract from a novel. The audience of my tabloid article is people who are interested in news. The purpose is to inform and to persuade. For my Mills & Boon romance I chose the title 'A Seductive Encounter' because it has connotations of love and romance. My tabloid article entitled 'Child murderer sentenced to life' contrasts this as the title is quite powerful, as it is accusative and direct, to invite the reader to continue to read. ...read more.


The other main character in my article, Callum Griffin, is presented as sweet with the use of adjectives like 'young', which have connotations of innocence. My Mills & Boon piece uses more complex sentences, such as 'As he drew nearer, she noticed his athletic body, and his dark, windswept hair' which give details of the characters and the setting of the event in a more interesting and in depth way. This is to aid the purpose - to entertain - so details are needed to enhance the novel. However in my tabloid article simple sentences, 'A young man in his 30s has been sentenced to a life imprisonment for murder of a child', are used a lot more as they simply relay the event and are much easier to understand, therefore appeal to the audience. ...read more.


When I was writing both pieces I tried to create an authentic style, therefore the article had to resemble the style of a real tabloid article, and my romance novel had to resemble the style of those published by Mills & Boon. To achieve this I used the tabloid article we were given to analyse as my model to base my article around. Thus I looked at the sentence types, use of bias and many other linguistic techniques to form my own article. We were also given a passage from a Mills & Boon novel which I used as my model, by examining the techniques, such as objectification and use of verbs. 595 words ?? ?? ?? ?? Zoe Andrews Page 1 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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