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Consider how physical setting can be used to communicate successfully the dance idea - Give examples from Still Life and four other professional dance works.

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In Still Life At The Penguin Caf� physical setting is an important part of the whole dance. Consider how physical setting can be used to communicate successfully the dance idea. Give examples from Still Life and four other professional dance works. In Still Life At The Penguin Caf� physical setting is important to help the audience get an understanding of what is happening in the dance. Physical setting needs to communicate successfully to the audience so needs to be clear and obvious to them. In a dance props are also a useful way of conveying a dance idea, they create realism and therefore the dance becomes clearer to the audience. When first introduced to the penguins in section one, The Great Auk the set design is a mountainous flat with an ice and sea scene on it in the centre of the stage. This sets the scene of the penguins' habitat so the audience get a better feel for the dance. ...read more.


The yellow colour wash lighting creates the colour of the skunk's fur and the white spotlight on the flea focuses on the flea's movement only. The Southern Cape Zebra is being hunted by women for its fur and is set in the distant hills with delicate trees conveying the idea that the zebra is a calm creature and should not be hunted. The reds, purples and lilacs used in this section represent the heat and expansion of African land where the zebra roams. The lighting is dim creating a nighttime effect and the red strip of light across the back of the stage may have been used to represent blood from the zebra. In Swansong, choreographed by Christopher Bruce, the set design is cyclorama. This creates the effect of an empty cell in which the prisoner is being tormented. The lighting is tinged blue also cresting an empty effect and I feel this is good because it conveys the idea of how the prisoner is feeling. ...read more.


Different props and lighting show the different moods at different times in her life. In Wyoming, choreographed by Siobhan Davies, a huge floor cloth creates the feeling of a vast area and isolation. A landscape of sand, wind and water shows the physical landscape in which the dance is set. The lighting is dull and smokey creating a cold, icy feeling. This setting is perfect for the subject matter of the dance as the dancers look small in comparison to the huge setting. Ghost dances which is another dance work choreographed by Christopher Bruce has created a dingy atmosphere with a volcano and sea scene. The mood of the dance is that of death and ghosts. It is realistic and effective because the dance is clear to the audience. The lighting is low and is tinged green which creates the eerie mood of the first section of the dance. When introduced to the people of society the lighting is brighter so it creates the mood of the dance as it changes. ...read more.

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