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Describe one acting performance which you thought was either successful or unsuccessful, your answer may refer to performance skills.

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Drama A) Describe one acting performance which you thought was either successful or unsuccessful, your answer may refer to performance skills. B) Explain why you thought it was successful or unsuccessful. The bank job Spike theatre North Kestevn School Monday 30th of May A) In many ways this play was successful due to good acting skill the company spike theatre obviously thought very deeply about how to show a lot of different characters and props with out having a lot of props or actors. This was shown very well throughout the play, which helped maintain interest from all members of the audience. Some of the major acting skills they used where: * The actors said in character throughout the play even when they had changed to a different character. ...read more.


* The actors had very good vocal skills they managed to create sound effects with there voices and had volume and pace in there lines the pauses also helped us understand the situation the characters where in. There where certain times when times when these skills where shown especially well: There was a radio play that took part during the play for this the actors had to play more then one person at a time they also had to add sound effects. This part of the play was also very humorous the staging was very interesting all the actors where stood around a tall lamp with no lampshade on it. There was a dentist scene where props where used very wisely three suitcases on stools where used as a dentists chair the dentist and his assistant also wore coats on back to front to how who they where they also used a hat as a gas mask. ...read more.


Also in some ways this play did not work as there was some miner slip ups that where miner but still big enough for people to spot these where things like: During mimes one actor would open the door and when another actor did this the door moved slightly to the right. Also the character mr Edwards took a que at the wrong time and lifted a chair this happened just before it was supposed to but managed to cover it up very well also when the women actor was supposed to catch a carpet in the middle as the two males she forgot and ducked getting hit by the carpet just in time you could tell this wasn't part of the play a she looked quite shocked and slipped out of character for a moment but they continued to act and the pace soon picked up again. By kirsty skidmore 10mr ...read more.

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