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Describe the technical elements used to create realism in a production of 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'?

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´╗┐Outline the ways in which technical elements were used to create realism on stage at particular moments in one live production that you have seen and assess the effectiveness of these moments for the audience? On ___ October I saw a production of Tennessee Williams? ?Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? at the West Yorkshire Play House in Leeds. This production was wholly naturalistic and the director included a vast number of technical elements that were added to conjure realism for the audience. As I entered the auditorium, I saw the play?s pre-set which looked like a single room with a small additions such as a balcony and a number of doors which presumably led to elsewhere in the ?house?. ...read more.


The source of the light helped to contribute to the realism created because in a real life environment, sunlight does indeed enter and light up the room from the windows. Among the various props on stage were a number of lights. For example, next to the bed sat a bedside lamp which was turned on to generate light, which obviously adds to the realism because it is a natural source of light in reality. The fact that the light needed to be switched on in the world of the play meant that the light was dwindling which also hints at a general timescale. However, the lamp also played a secondary function; the fact that the light was switched on suggested a presence or feeling that the room had recently been vacated. ...read more.


This not only suggested a context (the owners being relatively wealthy) but created more realism by providing an exact reflection of a realistic light source. Also hanging from the ceiling was a fan, which was revolving from the moment that the audience entered. This created the same sense of character presence but also added to the suggestion of warmth ? obviously if a fan is necessary, you are in a warm climate. At one point in the play, the designer made use of gobos to create realism. Towards the close, slatted lines were used to create an image of blinds which when lit on the back wall of the bedroom, created a realistic shadow which would be naturally created by sunlight shining through blinds. This created realism without the need for an additional prop or the technical logistics of hanging blinds in front of a stage. ...read more.

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